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This may come as a shock to its fans, but TV Guide believe The Vampire Diaries has some competition lurking in the shadows...and it comes in the guise of The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals.

TV Guide reported that its latest episode beguiled 2 million viewers and a '0.9 in the adults 18-49 demographic', whereas its 'predecessor The Vampire Diaries 'drew in 2.6 million and a 1.2 in its latest outing'.

Here are 5 reasons for why The Originals is better than The Vampire Diaries according to TV Guide.

The Originals :

1.'Is more adult' apparently avoiding contrived and clumsy references to attending class or how 'vampires have to fit in at school'.

2.'Is not bogged down by doppelgängers' for example, 'Klaus () is trying to take down Marcel () — not a carbon copy'.

3.'Has a great villain' where Klaus, is simultaneously the hero and the bad guy. He has been since his first appearance on The Vampire Diaries.

4.'Gives us answers' at the right moment, such as unraveling a confusing 'tale of witches vs. vampires' after just five episodes.

5.'Isn't just about love triangles' but is ultimately about who will have supreme reign over New Orleans: Klaus or Marcel, which is quite frankly, far more interesting.

So what do you think? Are these controversial comments that you vehemently disagree with or do you find yourself in agreement? Let us know!

Read the full TV Guide piece here.



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