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Children are terrifying, that's just a fact. Children running around in the dark wearing sacks over their heads are scientifically proven to be the most terrifying thing ever created. This is one of the reasons that 2007's Spanish-language horror movie The Orphanage (El orfanato) was so damn scary, and probably also why the movie is now, according to Screen Daily, getting an English-language remake.

When I first heard the news of The Orphanage remake my heart sank under the crushing inevitability that another great European horror movie was going to get used and abused by the Hollywood money-making machine. Then I read that the studio that was going to produce the remake is Rodar y Rodar, who were the guys behind the awesome original.

Although I'm not against remakes per se, there're so many occasions that the new, sparkly and expensive version of a movie is not necessarily as good as it's predecessor. I don't think anybody would argue that vampire horror remake Let the Right One In is superior to the Swedish original Låt den rätte komma in, or that zombie scarefest Quarantine was an upgrade on the excellent [Rec].

That said, with the studio that produced the El orfanato also behind this remake, perhaps we will get a movie that does the original justice.

The Orphanage is still very much in the planning stage at the moment, but stick close and [[follow]] the movie to get all the updates as a when they hit.



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