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Off the back of 2016's reboot and a controversial revamp of Cartoon Network's The Powerpuff Girls, the show has continued to shake things up and bring the show to a 2017 audience. We all know that those cutesy little bundles of joy who were created in the lab by Professor Utonium, but has the Prof been keeping a secret from us this entire time?

From sugar and spice, and all things nice, fans have been used to spending time with Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup since 1998. The main show ran for 78 episodes until 2005 and was followed by an anniversary special in 2008, but since the revival in 2016, The Powerpuff Girls has struggled to keep diehard fans. Thankfully, Cartoon Network has a trick up their sleeve: What happens when the trio becomes a quartet?

Power Up

After weeks of mysterious speculation and a shadowy media campaign, get ready to meet a new face with the purple-dressed Blisstina. Introduced as part of the the show's five-part mini-movie, The Power of Four, Bliss wasted no time settling into the group as an older girl among the ranks.

The episode teased Bliss and her aquamarine hair as the imaginary friend of Bubbles, however she was later revealed to be an early model from Professor Utonium's “perfect little girl” experiments. More unstable than the tireless trio, Bliss was thought to have been lost forever when she exploded in a tantrum, only to return just in time to be the show's new addition. The plot also thickens with the revelation that Bliss had been friends with Mojo Jojo before he became that mean, green, monkey machine.

The idea of a fourth member was originally met with a slew of negativity, but introducing the team's first black Powerpuff Girl might signal a much-needed step in a more inclusive direction. Unfortunately, it was a short but sweet introduction, and the episode ended with Bliss leaving Townsville (for good?) by blasting off into space. Given the hype surrounding Bliss, she has to come back sometime soon, but fans will have to wait and see how the rest of the story unfolds.

Hopefully Bliss's fate will be a little less grim than the previous girls' who have become a fourth member of the team. Remembering back, Season 2 introduced an older sister called Bunny who the girls created themselves. Sadly, Bunny wasn't quite as good as the Prof's work and dramatically exploded before our eyes — wow, is this a kids' show? Season 4 then saw the arrival of a chemically-infused squirrel called Bullet, while Season 5 briefly had the villainous Princess Morbucks suit up.

The Power of Four gave a lot of firsts to the show: The first "official" fourth member, the first teenage Powerpuff Girl, and the first Powerpuff Girl of color, however, we are sure the first time won't be the last for the fiery Blisstina.


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