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Shane Black's The Predator is undoubtedly one of the most hotly anticipated film projects due out in the next few years. The film has been called an "event film" by Black himself and is rumored to tie into the 1987 original Predator. And while we all eagerly await to hear more updates about , one thing that we all want to know is — where is it set?

Despite reports originally suggesting that the new film will be set in suburbia, it turns out that Shane Black has denied those claims, leaving us to wonder all over again about where the film could actually be set? And when you think about it, there actually is quite a lot of possibilities. Let's take a look at some of the options — including one or two familiar settings.

Back To The Jungle

One of the reasons why the original Predator worked so well was the simplicity of it. In many ways, it was like a masterfully crafted B-movie with an A-list star to steer the ship in Arnold Schwarzenegger. And its setting helped to play a big part in that simplicity. By having "Dutch" Schaeffer's highly-equipped team trapped in the forest with a creature that hunts for sport, the characters were isolated from the outside world and this heightened the . Because of this, we found ourselves drawn into the authenticity of the story, especially as the creature could use the jungle to hide in.

The original Predator could easily camouflage in the jungle environment. (via Fox)
The original Predator could easily camouflage in the jungle environment. (via Fox)

If The Predator really wants to channel the original film's success, what better way to do so than by having it set it the same location — or another jungle? The setting is an easy way to recapture the elements that the original film was acclaimed for, but would it also help to return the franchise to its roots.

Each Predator film has tried to be bigger and better than its predecessor with Predator 2 taking things to the city and Predators giving the aliens an entire planet to hunt on, perhaps returning to its more compact formula may be the key to reigniting the franchise's success.

Another City

Although it's never given enough credit for doing so, moving the creature to a "concrete jungle" for Predator 2 was actually a genius idea. Unlike the relatively sparse life in the rainforest, a city is full of warm bodies for the Predator to hunt — something we saw take form in Predator 2 as the creature took great pleasure in getting involved with the gang war and playing mind games with Danny Glover's character.

The city hunter Predator had no problem jumping across rooftops in "Predator 2." (via FOX)
The city hunter Predator had no problem jumping across rooftops in "Predator 2." (via FOX)

The most underrated film of the franchise brought the Predator to the city and allowed it to run wild throughout the streets of downtown Los Angeles. And while it was a fantastic idea, a single film just might not be enough to allow the creature to truly explore the city environment. Thus, if The Predator were to return to this environment and just pick a different city, it would give us the opportunity to further see how the alien hunter really adapts to city life.

With Predator 2 doing it so well, The Predator could surely benefit from bringing the creature into the modern day by having it target some modern day badasses in the a modern day city. Could you imagine if it was set in New York?

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Now I know that Shane Black corrected his claims and confirmed that the film wouldn't be set in suburbia. But just for a second, could we consider the possibility of what a suburban based Predator film could look like?

Friendly neighborhood Predator: Will the Predator hunt in a quiet town?
Friendly neighborhood Predator: Will the Predator hunt in a quiet town?

Now suburbia usually refers to a small town or residential area just outside of a town. So my question is — could you imagine a Predator showing up in a small town, quietly killing off the residents to play mind games with its competition who could very well be a retired veteran, or an off-duty police officer or anything of the sort? Perhaps it could even be Dutch himself?

Despite the initial shock, if you really think about it, that could actually be a really intriguing concept. In past Predator films, the alien hunter has had a very widespread area for its hunting grounds, so a smaller residential area would definitely add a whole new fresher vibe to things. Furthermore, it would make it seem reminiscent of smaller-scale horror films like last year's Krampus. While the concept may sound a little cheesy on paper, if it were done right, it could very well be a small-scale thriller that would have us on the edges of our seats, not knowing where the creature would strike, but knowing that he is always watching. And isn't that what made the original film such a success?

Another Planet

2010's Predators saw an elite group of deadly killers mysteriously marooned on an unknown planet. Turns out they were taken by the Yautja who lived on the planet in order to take part in their deadly hunting game. There were also two warring Predator clans — the larger Super Predator Clan and the smaller fan-favorite Jungle Hunter Clan.

The Game preserve planet was used by Predators to hunt their prey. (via FOX)
The Game preserve planet was used by Predators to hunt their prey. (via FOX)

While there was more left to explore in and it unfortunately never got the sequel we hoped for, it's possible that The Predator could borrow a few ideas from the 2010 installment by having the action take place on another planet. Could Predators hunt on Mars? Are there more aliens out there in this universe — besides Alien's Xenomorphs — and could they be next on the Predator's hit-list?

As it's more of a tie in to the original, it's unlikely that Shane Black's The Predator will reference Predators, but it would still be cool to see some more action in space, right?

A Western Town

Two things draw the Predator to its chosen location — heat and conflict. Now, how many Western flicks have we seen set in an old Western town in which two gunslingers prepare for a shootout while the blistering sun shines down upon them?

Will the Predator show up in the Wild West?
Will the Predator show up in the Wild West?

Could you imagine if a Predator were to make his presence felt during one of these shootouts? Much like suburbia, the Western town would certainly have the small-scale feel and would also allow us to be taken on a journey we haven't yet seen in the franchise. And I know that Black recently confirmed that his film would be set in the modern day — 30 years after the original — it would be pretty cool to see it set back in the olden days too. If this were to happen, it would prove that 1987 was not the first time that the Yautja took up residence on planet Earth.

Has the Predator picked a setting of his choice yet?
Has the Predator picked a setting of his choice yet?

So there's just some of the possible locations we may see our favorite Yautjas turn up. With the alien species having appeared in jungles, cities and even the Antarctica, it's safe to say that the Predator gets around. But with Shane Black's upcoming The Predator's setting still very much a mystery, we have to wonder where on earth — or space — the creature will end up next. And outside of heat and conflict, what will draw him to his chosen location?

While the residents of the Predator's chosen location may cry out with fear, moviegoers will be ready to welcome the Yautja back into their movie theaters!


Where would you like to see 'The Predator' set?

The Predator hits movie theaters on February 9, 2018. He's coming!


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