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Last week it was reported that had secured the rights to the graphic novel The Pro. The studio has tapped Zoe McCarthy to write the screenplay. The story consists of a prostitute that is imbued with super powers and is coerced by a variation of the to join. Written by of fame with art by husband/wife dream team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, The Pro is a parody of the genre that pokes fun and the tropes of the time. It is also very tongue in cheek, raunchy humor that would make Deadpool blush. Speaking of which...

Deadpool Opened The Floodgates

[Deadpool' [Credit: Fox]
[Deadpool' [Credit: Fox]

When came out in theaters, critics and fans alike praised it for its commitment to its source material and irreverent look at the superhero genre. And it showed with its total dominance at the box office, making and other studios take note with what a superhero movie could be. Fox went on to make Logan, another successful R-rated comic book entry. . has stated that they would entertain the notion of an R rated film. With The Pro, Paramount has thrown its hat into the ring. It can't necessarily hurt with all the troubles the studio has recently faced.

While Deadpool is hardcore with violence and harsh language, The Pro is damn near a porn parody. I mean, she is a prostitute after all. The Pro is essentially a raunchy '80s comedy with superheroes. Not that there is anything wrong with that, however, it will be interesting to see how that adapt some of the material, specifically the Superman allegory being given a blowjob and the hilarious aftermath.

She Can Tackle Social Issues

'The Pro' [Credit: Image Comics]
'The Pro' [Credit: Image Comics]

One of the things that makes The Pro work is how genuine it seems. She has a baby, born from a "work accident" that she loves and cares for without actually showing it. With the current US administration's stance on birth control as well as how the book handles pay concerning her joining the League of Honor, the film can address how jobs are ineffectual to woman's rights as well. Not bad considering we're talking about a book where the lead character gives hand jobs at super speed and the resulting complaints that her clients issue.

In later editions of The Pro, She encounters the Ho, another prostitute gaining super powers, this time in the form of five additional sets of arms. Her dreams of becoming a veterinarian are immediately dashed. The Ho confronts the Pro as they are competing for the same clientele. After hearing her sob story, The Pro takes the Ho to an animal husbandry center and gets her to work "servicing" the animals. In a way, she got to realize her dream after all.

It Could Do What 'Watchmen' Failed To Do

'Watchmen' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Watchmen' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

One of the complaints about the film adaptation of the Watchmen is that they didn't really touch on some of the more subtle aspects the was trying to relay. One of the bigger ones was the fact that superheroes as a whole are a sexual fantasy realized by wearing fetishistic outfits and going out to punish evil doers.

The Pro tackles this head on by have the main protagonist receive her powers from '"The Viewer," reminiscent of the Monitor from . The trope is further explored when we see what the Viewer is doing while watching The Pro use her powers for good.

Final Thoughts

The Pro could make an interesting flick, if not down right disgusting. The subject matter is all presented in a fun way and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Then again, in today's world what isn't taken too seriously? Having all that said, I don't really see a way to adapt the graphic novel with anything less than an rating. It's just way too screwed up. Considering it's the story of a prostitute gaining superpowers, screwed up can have more than one meaning.

What to you think of The Pro coming (Keep it classy, people!) to the big screen? Sound off in the comments below!

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