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There is one reason why I don’t see Wonder Woman as a plausible possibility in joining the Justice League Part One. The problem is the existence of the Greek gods.

Now WB (Warner Brothers) is trying to build up to a Justice League movie, but if they allow Wonder Woman into the Justice League, the first question anyone will ask is, “who are you?” and the second will be, “Where are you from?”. The answers will be, “I am an Amazon” and “from the Greek gods.”

Now WB has a problem. Not only do they have to introduce a realistic Wonder Woman, but now they have to introduce the Greek gods and recognize their existence as well. As a result, writers would have to deal with the gods, creating extensive background stories and adding major Greek characters.

Now Marvel uses Norse mythology, but the difference between Thor and Wonder Woman is that Thor is from an alien planet and has no mythological connection to Earth, whereas Wonder Woman comes straight from the Greek gods directly related to Earth.

Greek mythology is so entrenched in the story of Wonder Woman that it would be virtually impossible for writers to include her in the Justice League. For example, one of her greatest enemies is Ares, and on occasion she interacts with Zeus, two prominent Greek gods. Because of her frequent interaction with Greek gods, Wonder Woman would take away from this “realistic” universe that WB is trying to create.

The problem resulting from the existence of Greek gods is that they complicate matters and bring up a series of questions. Starting with: Why have the gods kept hidden all this time? Will they come back with the emergence of Wonder Woman? Who's side will the gods be on? Will they protect Earth or do they want it for their own? How powerful are they? Do they approve of Superman? Are they jealous of him? If Geek gods do exist, does this mean that the Norse gods, Egyptian gods, Indian gods, Native American gods, and God himself exist simultaneously as well? Or are these gods fake? Have they ever existed? Does anyone else believe in them? These are just a few in a series of extensive questions that will need to be answered with the emergence of the Greek gods. These questions explicitly illustrate the complications that would arise from the introduction of various Gods into the Justice League Universe as a result of the inclusion of Wonder Woman.

Also, additional complications arise with the event of very powerful gods just sitting back and watching villains wreak havoc upon Earth. Why do they sit back and watch instead of acting? WB would have to come up with a realistic justification for the gods’ observant role in the Justice League universe as opposed to active roles of intervening in mortal affairs. And if the gods did indeed take a role in fighting along side the Justice League, then the Justice League would, in turn, no longer be a justice league of heroes, rather Greek mythology intertwined with a group of super heroes, creating a new universe of heroes and villains separate from that which we know and love.

Of course WB can go ahead and include the already established Wonder Woman and not answer any of these questions, but this would leave such holes and flaws in the movies, and the realistic feel that WB is going for would be ruined.

If WB wants to have Wonder Woman in The Justice League and preserve its realism and simplicity, then they cannot give Wonder Woman any connection to the Greeks at all.

One way WB could attempt to solve this problem is have a new comic book introduced, creating a new origin story for Wonder Woman that portrays the Greek gods as aliens from another planet, much like Thor’s origin story, which will allow WB to use her without violating their realistic approach.

If this is the solution that WB pursues, then I believe would be a great writer for the new comic. He is known for his gritty and realistic feel, so it would be a fitting role.

Otherwise, Wonder Woman, as we all currently know her, cannot logically exist in the realistic universe of the Justice League unless the confusing issues surrounding her back story are properly addressed.

Let me know what you think.


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