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Following his scene-stealing introduction in Daredevil Season 2, Frank Castle is getting ready to punish criminals on his own in Marvel's The Punisher. In an effort to emulate the antihero's military background, Marvel and Netflix made the show's marketing campaign quite cryptic. Frustratingly enough, that extended to its release date.

While it's been common knowledge that Castle's solo adventure will be dropping at some point in late 2017, the companies have kept the exact date close to their chests (like, really close). Don't get me wrong, the mystery has been a fun teasing exercise, but let's face it, we all just want to know when we'll get to see Frank Castle suiting up and cleaning up the criminal underworld.

If you were one of the people dying to know, there's good news: the secrecy is finally over.

'The Punisher' Will Be Released In November

Netflix and surprised viewers by releasing a new trailer for The Punisher. It gives us a much better idea of what the storyline will be and a whole lot more action. Check it out in all of its punishing glory:

The trailer wasn't all just heart-pumping action to the tune of Metallica's ominous music. It also revealed when the series will be released. will be coming to the small screen on November 17, 2017.

I don't know about you, but seeing the date finally form during the last seconds of the footage sent shivers down my spine. There were a considerable amount of fans (including yours truly, for a little while) who were excited by the prospect of Netflix dropping the show by surprise. To be honest, though, knowing when to expect it is much more exciting, especially because it's less than a month away.

[Credit: Marvel Television/Netflix]
[Credit: Marvel Television/Netflix]

Regarding the actual content of the trailer, I'm happy with the way the show is treating Castle's origin story. Daredevil's second season dropped a few hints about it, but this teaser reveals a much more intricate storyline. The ruthless antihero was used by the military for nefarious purposes, became an unwanted source of information, and eventually lost his family as a result.

Castle was already feeling guilty for his family's murder when we first met him in Daredevil, but that detailed background makes his situation all the more painful. That backstory also gives a whole lot more context to a brief video from The Punisher's official Instagram page released a few months ago, where Castle hunts down a group of soldiers:

Yep, now I can't wait to watch the show. As we now know, The Punisher will come to unleash justice on November 17, 2017.

Are you happy with The Punisher being less than a month away? What did you think about the show's new trailer? Let me know in the comments!


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