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At this point, we all know what goes down on night: death, , torture and the upholding of the 'American Dream.' We know that it's a night when all crimes are legalized, including murder, for 12 hours — but there are rules. When it comes to the Purge, pretty much anything goes, but series creator/Election Year director James DeMonaco spoke to CinemaBlend about certain aspects of Purge night, and explained some of the plot holes and questions fans have about the intricacies of that one brutal night.

What Happens to Hospitals on Purge Night?

One of the questions asked was what happens to hospitals during the Purge? As emergency services are suspended for the 12-hour period, what goes on in the places reserved for keeping people alive? DeMonaco explains what he thinks would happen:

I think they lock them down and then they have to have doctors and nurses on staff inside. I almost think they're like little safe zones - so you can't bring anyone in, but I don't think there's any violence within the hospital. I think it exists almost unto itself, as a Non-Purging Zone, within the hospital. So, I think that you have doctors, you have nurses, no one is purging; there are no weapons inside, and no one can attempt entry.


So essentially hospitals would become fortresses, but as we saw from The Purge, fortresses can sometimes fall. Moreover, hospital safe-zones raise even more questions, and plot holes: if these places existed, wouldn't those seeking safety from the Purge want in? Not many people knew about the Triage safe zone, but everyone knows where the hospitals are. Would those without the means to protect themselves deliberately hurt themselves to get inside? It creates a horrible game of Would You Rather — would you rather break a bone and live another year, or risk being shot in the head? I know what I'd choose. It is definitely something to be explored — maybe in the recently announced — and fits well with the theme of class warfare woven into the narrative.

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How Does Air Travel Function?

Well, it doesn't. According to DeMonaco, all forms of transport are suspended, and a large No-Fly Zone is imposed for the 12-hours America is purging:

I think it's, in my little world, I think it's suspended. I think at 7:00 that night, I think all... if I even went further, I think like all service, train service, everything, planes, airports, everything's shut down. I think the country kind of comes to a standstill on that night, yeah. [...] No flying. No one's coming in, no one's going out. No one wants to come. Well, some people do. Yeah, so I think it's a dead country.


This makes a lot of sense: flying on Purge night would lead to chaos in the skies, and possibly drag many non-Americans into the fold of this horrific tradition who certainly don't want to be a part of it... and some that do. DeMonaco's comment about those wanting to come into America are obviously referring to Election Year's brief look into murder tourism. Perhaps we will see more of the handcrafted murder tours or group killing sprees in , or the TV series. I would like the series to explore how the Purge is regarded on the global stage, especially if future movies delve into the first few years of the tradition.

What Happens to Prisons On Purge Night?


While air travel and hospitals are exempt from the Purge, it seems that prisons are not quite so lucky. In DeMonaco's twisted vision, all hell breaks loose behind prison walls:

In prison they just open up the cells and allow mass hysteria, everybody out for themselves - but that's a whole movie.

A whole movie, or some prime episode fodder for the TV remake. Just imagine the horror of not even being able to escape, just waiting in your cell with a handmade shiv, desperately hoping you make it through the night... if that doesn't bring crime rates down, I don't know what will.

In one way, these revelations churn up even more questions; in others, they enlighten us to the chaos and blind uniformity of the Purge universe. The rules of the Purge seem to be a plot hole themselves — essentially the rule is that there are no rules, and who upholds the rules that are in place anyway, when police, fire and ambulance services are suspended? And why do people go out and purge in hoodies which offer literally zero protection from gunfire?! I have so many questions, but here's one more:


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