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, director of what I humbly consider one of the best action films of the last decade, The Raid: Redemption, dropped some synopsis hints for the sequel to the film, The Raid 2: Berendal.

Via Twitter, Gareth tossed out his first major plot point, being that that second film would begin soon after the first left off. Very soon, in fact.

At the end of The Raid: Redemption, we see Rama () departing the apartment block after hours of battling head bad guy Tama's increasingly tough minions. He parts ways with his brother Andi (), who has decided to remain behind for reasons I won't spoil if you're late to the series.

You should seriously watch the film, however. Go. Do it.

Evans followed the time setting revelation with the following soon after:

This is yet another big tidbit from the film, as Lieutenant Wahyu (Pierre Gruno) is basically the catalyst of the entire first film. Like, in a really bad way. His being zip tied isn't particularly surprising. The rest however, is a fun mystery as we wait for even more news out of Gareth.

If you're a fan of insane, well-paced, intense action, and you loved the first film, this is all news that should get your blood pumping.

Filming of The Raid 2 is set to begin this month. Click [[follow]] to get all of the latest out of the production as a release date fast approaches.


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