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If I say , you probably think about Rocky or Rambo, but definitely about a character in a Hollywood action movie. Time to rethink: the action star does not only spend his time acting in movies like Escape Plan or The Expendables 3, he also paints pictures!

Stallone has some 30 paintings on a show titled Sylvester Stallone. Art. 1975-2013 at The Russian Museum in St Petersburg.

According to the BBC's report, at the show's opening that attracted 1000 visitors he said that if he had the choice he would spend his life drawing instead of acting.

I think I'm a much better painter than an actor

It's much more personal and I'm allowed to just do what I want to do. Quite often in acting you have to play a certain part, you cannot speak as much as you want to speak. I suppose the heroes don't talk much, you have to be very stoic.

Museum director Vladimir Gusev called Stallone a "real artist" and said that the paintings "show the character of a passionate man" and that they were not simply "the work of an amateur".

What do you think? Should Stallone grab a brush? Or should he just stay with The Expendables 3? Is he really a better painter than an action hero?

(via BBC News)


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