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Will Wharton

Despite The Dark Knight's various screen incarnations, can we truly say we know who Bruce Wayne is? Sure we know the Batman, with his Kevlar vest (both with and sans nipples), pointy ears and regular fights with the Joker, but do we know Bruce Wayne? Different reinventions and reincarnations of Gotham's most dangerous billionaire have lead to a disparity over what the perfect Bruce Wayne should look like. The only consistent factor from incarnation to incarnation seems to be: brooding, lots of brooding. So how to solve a problem like Bruce Wayne?

Well, a clever Redditor has managed to use software similar to what the cops would use to catch your convenience store robbin'-ass to create a facial composite of what Bruce Wayne should look like.

He took every single Batman to grace the silver screen:

... And totally put their faces through his Bat-computer/police-like software gadget (which I assume is kept in a cave) and the result is below:

So, essentially, the perfect Batman is with hair plugs? I'm not totally convinced that we've found the definitive Bruce Wayne, but as long as when he opens his mouth we hear Kevin Conroy's voice then what does it matter?


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