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Steven J. Worthen

A lot of franchises are getting reboots out the ying yang. Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and many more on the horizon like Green Lantern and Hulk. Well there are a lot of great properties they have that merit a reboot. So I am going to throw my REBOOT reboot into the mix. It's a cult classic that my wonder friends and I have toyed with for a very long time and it is time that the world who loves it sees it! Are you ready for: "FLASH GORDON"?

Yes I said it. Flash Gordon. A timeless classic with a soundtrack that has stood the test of time (by QUEEN!) Now you are probably asking yourselves, "Why does Flash Gordon deserve a remake?" A number of reasons.

One- a football player travels to another galaxy and saves the Earth. Hot women and awesome supporting characters like Prince Vultan of the Hawk people. The Villain, Ming The Merciless and many more. I have thought of some actors to play the part and for Ming there is only an actor for it: . Just think about how he looked in Ironman 3 and make him a bit more EVIL! Plus Ben is a superb actor and would make proud.

For Prince Vultan of the Hawk People I can only think of one man to play the part, with added CGI Wings (his voice is great): ! He looks like a twin to Brian Blessed and his acting range is universal. Don't believe me? Then you need to veg-out on his movies and his greatest show SLINDERS!

Now the star and our hero. Only one man won me over, I thought about Russell Crowe, Karl Urban and even Colin Farrell. My pick is the one and only James Todd Smith. Again you are probably asking, "WHO?" LL Cool J that is who. Did you not see Any Given Sunday? NCIS: Los Angeles? JTS has the football chops, the acting chops and he can rap. Yes I would love to hear a musical collaboration of the Flash Gordon song with him and QUEEN. Now there are other actors and actresses that need to be casted, but I know the Flash Gordon Fans have their favorites.

So I want to hear who you think should play what parts.... Sound off in comments and like who you think would play Zarkov, Dale, Barin and all the others. This has been THE REBOOT REBOOT!


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