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Comic book fans have grown up in awe of Batman. For decades, the Dark Knight has captivated us as he risks his life to save the citizens of Gotham City. But while doing so, the character hasn't been afraid to adapt. Through countless comics, films, TV shows and video games, the Caped Crusader has undergone many transformations over the years. But now we may have just been introduced to the most deadly of them all: The Red Death.

Part of the Dark Nights: Metal series (which explores the dark corners of the DC Multiverse), brand new comic book Batman: The Red Death sees an evil iteration of the Dark Knight steal the Flash's speed — and the result is terrifying.

The Red Death

Batman becomes The Red Death. [Credit: DC Comics]
Batman becomes The Red Death. [Credit: DC Comics]

Set on Earth-52, Batman: The Red Death sees an alternate version of Bruce Wayne tormented by the guilt of losing everyone he ever loved (his parents, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damien Wayne and Tim Drake). Thus, he decides to conquer his own humanity and turns to the one person who can be everywhere at the same time: Barry Allen.

After defeating 's rogues gallery of villains, Batman sets his sights on the Scarlet Speedster in hopes of stealing his speed and becoming a speedster himself. But the despite his best attempts, the Red Death is unable to save his decaying world, and he ultimately turns his attention to Earth-0 — the Earth in which the main continuity of the DC Universe takes place.

Ironically, he's not the only evil Batman who decides to do this, as six other dark Batmen from the darker corners of the DCU will arrive on Earth-0 in the Metal series, most notably the terrifying "Batman Who Laughs." But while that Joker-like antihero may be the most visually horrifying Batman, the deadliest Dark Knight is undoubtedly the Red Death.

A Deadly Combination

Batman may not have been gifted with superpowers or alien technology, but that doesn't mean that he isn't the most efficient character in the DC Universe. The World's Greatest Detective is renowned for figuring out ways to overcome the odds in even the most unlikely of situations. In fact, as we have seen many times over the years, he has even figured out unique ways to incapacitate each member of the Justice League, should they ever turn rogue.

Thus, the Red Death iteration of Batman is arguably the most deadly Dark Knight we've ever seen. Possessing the same level of intellect and determination to overcome the odds as our mainstream Batman, this Caped Crusader has the added ability of the Flash's superspeed. And if a human Batman is virtually unstoppable, can you imagine how deadly a speedster Batman would be?

Speedster Batman is a deadly combination. [Credit: DC Comics]
Speedster Batman is a deadly combination. [Credit: DC Comics]

Moreover, as this version of Bruce Wayne suffered even more loss than his Earth-0 doppelganger, that thirst for vengeance is even greater. Thus, mixing that grief and hunger with a superpower that can ensure that he is in practically two places at once has undoubtedly produced a lethal result.

Batman has a way of popping up when you least expect him to. So, with the added bonus of superspeed, you can bet that the Red Death will be able to beat the mainstream Caped Crusader at his own game. But as the Dark Nights: Metal series rages on with the birth of these seven deadly Batmen, it's clear that the entire DC Universe is in deep trouble.

This looks like a job for... Batman (the good one!).

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[Source: DC Comics]


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