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We all have our favorite Batman villains ranging from Bane to Ra's al Ghul. But since Gotham City Sirens is a female villains team-up there has to be a big bad that brings all of the villains together. Furthermore we have The Riddler who has been played by Jim Carrey (cough). The Riddler deserves another shot at the DCEU.What better way is to introduce other than ?

Here's are three reasons why The Riddler should be the villain:

1. He's Been Teased In Batman vs Superman

'Batman vs Superman' [Credit:Warner Brothers Studios]
'Batman vs Superman' [Credit:Warner Brothers Studios]

This year when we have seen Batman vs Superman, if you look closely in the graffiti you will see a big question mark.This suggests that the Riddler exists somewhere in the . So far we only have one important clue to realize that he's in the DCEU. Oh, and Batman has been a vigilante for 20 years or so.This means that at some point Batman has encountered The Riddler.

If the DCEU chooses to adapt Scott Snyder's run Zero Year this would be a great way to introduce him, not only will this storyline make fans happy, it will astonish the audience. The comic-book fans will also see how smart the Riddler is. Summary of Zero Year: The Riddler plunges the city into darkness for a year and if Batman doesn't get the riddle right he will perish. In which Gotham City is without electricity and citizens have to count on Batman to fight for the city.

It would make an awesome storyline for the DCEU itself. Pretty amazing isn't it?

2. He Deserves Another Shot

'Batman Arkham City' [Credit: Warner Brothers Studio]
'Batman Arkham City' [Credit: Warner Brothers Studio]

After the poor performance by Jim Carrey, we need another incarnation of the Riddler who is menacing. In the Batman Arkham games, the Riddler is more than just a guy who does riddles, he abducts the police officers so Batman has to solve the riddles in order to rescue them. Then he sets traps for Batman and as a consequence leaves all the riddles in Arkham City.

This is the version of the Riddler we want. If you are wondering in the comics why Riddler wasn't great as a Batman villain it's probably because he was so cheesy in the Bronze age of the comics. Until, the 90's came and we had so much great storylines from comics. Those were The Riddle Factory by Matt Wagner and Dark Knight, Dark City by Peter Milligan.

So who be cast as the Riddler? I would say, Neil Patrick Harris or David Tennant. We all know that David did work on Marvel's Jessica Jones. But, DC should steal one of their actors.

3. He's Been A Green Arrow Villain

'Arrow' [Credit:CW]
'Arrow' [Credit:CW]

What better way is it then the villain who has faced Green Arrow himself? This would also be a great way to introduce Green Arrow into the DCEU. After all, he's played by Stephen Amell in the series.

Yet we could see a Green Arrow solo movie if we are fortunate, great way to introduce Green Arrow is though Edward Nygma himself. Also, who wouldn't want Batman and Green Arrow teaming up?

What's really interesting that Riddler doesn't have any other storylines, he's not unlike any Batman villain himself. Nygma has a simple goal: to prove that he's the smartest person in Gotham. If we can have lesser-known villains in the DCEU. Why not Riddler? Movies do have a tendency to change stuff, not sticking on source material all the time.

Having the Riddler would add a depth to the DCEU, realizing that even Batman has to use his brains more than brawn. Meanwhile, it's really interesting to see what DCEU has in store for The Batman.

Should Riddler be the villain for The Batman? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below!


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