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Daveigh Chase, the 26-year-old actress famed for starring in 2002's horror hit The Ring, has been arrested shortly after "dumping" a dying man outside a hospital in LA. Her detainment however, has nothing to do with his death — well, almost nothing.

Per TMZ's report, Chase rushed the man to hospital in the early hours of Feb. 15 and then made a sharp exit. When the cops ran her name, they found an outstanding warrant in connection with a minor driving offense and arrested her shortly afterwards. The police are apparently treating the case as a suspected overdose. Chase is not suspected in relation to his death.

Daveigh Chase is primarily known for playing Samara Morgan in The Ring, voicing Lilo in Lilo & Stitch and Chihiro in the English version of Spirited Away and playing Samantha Darko in Donnie Darko.

LAPD has declined to offer any further details.

(Source: TMZ)


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