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Is there anything The Rock can't do? As Hollywood's real-life superhero, the wrestler-cum-actor has left his Tooth Fairy days behind to become one of the industry's hottest actors. In between sticking on teeny red shorts for Baywatch, rumbling in the jungle for Jumanji, and suiting up to play villainous Black Adam in the DCEU's Shazam, has still found time to add a few more films to his jam-packed slate.

Kept under wraps for nearly a year, Johnson has just announced that he has officially joined and 's Skyscraper. Taking the action to dizzying new heights in China, Johnson will play the film's lead and has revealed the plot synopsis along with a scheduled release date.

The Towering Inferno

The 44-year-old announced the news on his Instagram, posting a picture of the script alongside a fire extinguisher, teasing a typically Rock-esque OTT action film for the 21st century. It sounds like pure Johnson madness as he will play Will Ford, a former "FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader" and US war veteran, who has traded in his high-adrenaline lifestyle to assess skyscrapers for security. Ford visits the world's tallest skyscraper in China but becomes embroiled in a scandal when an attack sets the building alight. Framed for the act, Ford must unravel the conspiracy surrounding his implication AND save his family, who conveniently find themselves trapped inside — we can only hope there is a Hans Gruber homage behind the evil!

Central Intelligence's Rawson Marshall Thurber will write and direct, while Johnson will once again team up with Baywatch's Beau Flynn to produce. Even though it sounds like Skyscraper will just be what it says on the can — "a 3D action-thriller" — Johnson's Instagram post revealed a major part of the story. It turns out that Will Ford's veteran status also makes him a disabled former forces worker, a big step for a leading part in a Hollywood action film.

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Johnson says that his character was inspired by the many disabled veterans and heroes he has met. Over a year's worth of research has gone into the project, so it is a testament to Johnson as an actor that he is so invested. He also claims that although he isn't afraid of heights, at 4,000 ft. it is a different story.

There is still no news on who else will join the cast, but with Johnson in the lead, who really cares who else is in it? Skyscraper will be released on July 13, 2018, and Johnson will also produce.

Part Die Hard, part Towering Inferno, we are going to need a fire extinguisher to put out our excitement for this one!

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