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The Rock didn't get the nickname "Franchise Viagra" because of dumb luck and his Herculean muscles. He got because of it his grit and perseverance. Whether it's making movies or hitting the gym, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is all about leaving it all on the floor.

This is a guy who was saving the lives of civilians from a level 9 magnitude earthquake in San Andreas and went full throttle with he likes of Vin Diesel and Jason Statham in . You think those movies were enough to topple this giant mound of muscle? Think again. The Rock took to Instagram to talk about how filming Rampage has been his most physically grueling movie to date. So, where did this physical juggernaut get his drive and dedication to? owes all of his moxie from growing up with his dad:

It's amazing how seems like he can accomplish anything. When you have a dad who was once a famous champion, you understand why never quits and takes everything to the next level.

So, when you are thinking that the odds are stacked against you or you feel like life has dropped-kicked you in the solar plexus, check out some of the The Rock's inspirational advice on Instagram to help you power through the day. Behind all that chiseled muscle, The Rock is still a humble person taking time out to thank his fans and dish out some hard-learned lessons.

Dwayne Johnson's Life Lessons

Imagine one day you get an idea in your head, and you know everyone will think it's crazy. Don't listen to those nay-sayers. Go after that dream like The Rock with a high-powered machine gun in G.I. Joe: Retailiation. Dwayne Johnson didn't quit becoming a pro-wrestler when he was told he had nothing to offer. He trained hard and worked his ass off to become the WWE champion. Johnson ignored the doubters, and so should you. If he didn't become the wrestling powerhouse that lit up that ring, he never would have made it onto the big screen. If you want to accomplish your dreams, dig deep and go for it.

We've all been through those days where we had to work late because our boss was cracking the whip to make us crank out some mindless task, only to come in the next day to have a another pile of work waiting for us on our desks. So what do you do? Find some way to help you get rid of your stress and let you focus. It could be listening to your favorite song, stepping away into a quiet room, or going out with your friends. It's no surprise that The Rock's anchor is pounding some heavy weights at the gym. Even he has hard days. He'll be the first to tell you to focus and power through because there will be more hectic days to come. Take whatever it is that keeps you grounded, and let it help balance this crazy thing called life.

Always find time to be with the ones you love. If you give them all your love, they will return it in kind. The message the Moana star received from his daughter on Father's Day shows that his family has come full circle. The lessons Dwayne Johnson learned from his dad, have been passed down to his daughter. Just as he looked up his dad, The Rock now has someone looking up to him for advice.

You have to hand it to Dwayne Johnson's bad-ass dad for taking the time out to put him through hell in the gym and and on the mats. It doesn't matter if he's pounding iron at the gym or using Vin Diesel's body as a punching bag, The Rock puts all of his love into whatever he does. Whatever it is that you do in life, be sure to leave it all on the floor.

What invaluable advice as your dad taught you?


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