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Matt Carter

has treated his army of Twitter followers to another behind-the-scenes look at his upcoming sword and sandals epic Hercules. Johnson plays the legendary figure of Greek mythology in the movie, which follows Hercules after he's completed his twelve labors. The on-set photo below gives us our first look at the Thracian soldiers, with the tagline, "Let it be to death or victory."

Check it out:

The Rock is well known for his motivational speeches (“If something stands between you and your success – move it. Never be denied” is one of my personal favorites) so I imagine the Thracian army is super-pumped to go and crack some skulls after hearing Hercules' pre-battle call-to-arms.

Johnson is a big fan of tweeting behind-the-scenes photos so stick close and we'll bring them to you as and when they land.

Are you excited about seeing Hercules lead an army into battle?


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