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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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We all know The Rock is a good guy. From dressing up as a giant Pikachu for his Pokemon loving daughter, to inducting his father and grandfather into the WWE Hall of Fame to being everyone's favorite for POTUS 2020, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is pretty much an angel in a colossal meat suit, roaming the earth in search of good deeds. And now, with the help of Ford, he's delivered what may be his biggest gift yet by giving a brand new orange mustang to combat veteran, Marlene Rodriguez.

The Rock Secretly Surprises Combat Veteran During Award Interview

Three time tour serving combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient, Marlene Rodriguez, thought she was just being interviewed after being awarded the Ford 'Go Further' Award. What she didn't know, was that The Rock was going to present it to her, as well as shower her with a wave of well earned gifts.

"Losing Somebody And Earning A Reward Didn't Mesh Well With Me"

Telling her incredibly brave story, Marlene explained how she had received not one, but two direct hits during her three tours, the latter on which resulted in a severe brain injury. Talking about how she felt to receive her Purple Heart award, Marlene stated that:

"Losing somebody and earning a reward didn't mesh well with me."

At the point, both Marlene and The Rock, who was watching her interview from a secret side room, both got very emotional. She went on to say however:

"I mean it’s an honor to have it, but to receive it you know, I definitely just have more guilt then anything else as i was given it at the loss of someone else."

Then The Rock Brings All The Goodies - Including A Brand New Mustang!

Coming up behind her during her interview, The Rock surprised Marlene, thanked her for her incredible work and then gave her two tickets to the L.A. premiere of his upcoming movie Baywatch. Pretending that that was the end of the whole surprise, he told the crew to turn out the lights before turning back to Marlene and saying:

"Oh, actually, there’s one more thing. So I hear you're a dodgers fan, maybe you can go to a dodgers game in your brand new 2018 mustang....."

Queue stunned silence.

"I Don't Deserve All This." "No. You Deserve More."


As Marlene looked on at her brand new Ford Mustang is disbelief, she turned to The Rock and asked what she had done to deserve it. The Rock told her it's because of all the work that both Marlene and the "boys and girls" that she served alongside with have done. Stating that she didn't deserve The Rock emotionally declared:


Is The Rock one of the most generous celebrities in Hollywood?


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