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Thanks to actors and producers and , filming for the sequel is already underway. The new movie will center around the same immersive, adventurous, and downright dangerous game as the 1995 classic that starred Robin Williams.

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Until recently, most plot details surrounding the movie's return have been banished into the jungle, either waiting until the dice read six and eight, or until December 22, whichever comes first. However, the Rock has just posted a new picture to Instagram that might hint at an important plot point for the new movie.

See for yourself right here:

At first it doesn't look like anything all that special: just the Rock cruisin' through the jungle on a motorcycle while toting a flame thrower on full blast. But that's not the interesting part. If you look at the caption, and skip down to the third hashtag: .

Everyone knows that Jumanji is the most dangerous board game ever, since it's full of stuff like mayhem-causing monkeys, out-of-control plant life, and seriously bad weather. But before 1995, there was another "The Most Dangerous Game" — a short story by Richard Connell published in 1924. Without giving the whole plot away (you can read the story for yourself here), let's just say it's about an island where an evil man hunts other people for sport.

Van Pelt / Jumanji (1995)
Van Pelt / Jumanji (1995)

Now, who do we know from the Jumanji universe that hunts other people for sport? Remember Van Pelt, the villain from the original movie that was desperately trying to murder Alan Parrish? He was just about the most maniacal hunter around. Could he be making an appearance in the new movie, hunting down The Rock and the rest of the team playing Jumanji?

It's possible! And if it's not Van Pelt specifically, then maybe the main bad guy(s) will be brand new psycho hunters we haven't met yet. But one things for sure — the real enemy in Jumanji (both both then and now) is a lot more than just disturbingly big mosquitoes.


Do you think Van Pelt could make a return for the Jumanji reboot?

Gone, but never forgotten. Watch this video of Robin Williams to remind you just how much you still love him.


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