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Alisha Grauso

I have an interesting theory, you guys. And my theory is this: has had something done to his face for 's upcoming Hercules, whether prosthetics or some sort of intricate make-up or fake tattoos. Why do I think this? Because, even though The Rock has regularly leaked pics from his constantly active Twitter feed, he has never once revealed his face.

Really. Go ahead, check out our Hercules feed, click the articles about him Tweeting set pics. You won't find one where he reveals his face, choosing instead to always let his long wig conceal his features. Here's the latest one he dropped, this time featuring Ratner with a camera in said hidden face.

What do you guys think? Am I reading way too much into this? Does he just want to make a dramatic entrance onto the internet, or do you think he's had something specific done to his face for the film that he wants to keep under wraps?

Let me know if I'm crazy or on the right track in the comments.

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