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Sophie Atkinson

Ok. Imagine a hypothetical universe where one AKA The Rock is born minus his impressive physique - in another life, do you think he might have been a scrawny but awesome social media guru?

I reckon so. He's certainly got a passion for Twitter, has been tweeting non-stop throughout shooting Hercules, and boy, is Dwayne a tease. So far we've not had a front view of The Rock as Hercules (not like that, gutter-minds) but he recently tweeted his most detailed picture to date.

"Our 'Hercules' set created by award winning designer Jean-Vincent Puzos w/ great detail," he writes. "I sit in awe."

I mean, I'm sitting in awe too, but not so much because of the set - just look at those thighs! No wonder he looks like he could crush a man to death with just his legs - the dedicated actor has been consuming five thousand calories in seven meals a day to bulk up for the part. This sounded like fun until I found out he's mainly been eating eggs, steak and oatmeal. Where's the double cheese doused pizza? Poor old Dwayne, he's really missing a trick there!

While I can't seem to see a huge amount of the set in the picture, the costume certainly looks suitably Herculean - lots of leather corseting and soft looking boots.

We got some prop detail when Dwayne tweeted pictures of two weapons from the set, commenting 'We have the best film designers in the world. Respects the mythology w/ great detail'.

Dwayne Johnson seems to be feeling pretty chirpy on his seven-meals-a-day diet. He recently tweeted the following picture, with the caption "Asked how I got my shoulder slice scars: From a satisfied woman w/long ass nails;)" Oh you joker, Dwayne!

Have these pictures got you excited for Hercules? And more importantly, if you had to bulk up for a role, what would you be guzzling? Drop me a line below.


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