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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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just seems like one of those guys you'd love to go for a few beers with. Unrelentingly cheerful and positive, he gives off big friendly giant vibes that just feel comforting, somehow.

In true Rock niceness fashion, the big guy went the extra mile for his daughter this . She's a little too small for the full creepiness of the holiday, but there's one thing she loves: . Check out what Daddy did for her.

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"Pikachu is baby Jasmine's FAVORITE character. So, for Halloween me and @laurenhashianofficial decided the real life Pikachu was gonna come to the house for a visit. What Pikachu didn't know was that Jazzy would start crying when he stopped dancing and demanded he continue to shake his tail with a loud "EH!". So, Pikachu danced over.. and over.. and over.. and over... and over.. again. By the time I dropped my 197th JuJu, the heat of this costume was kickin' my ass. But, hey.. that's what daddy's do."

What a cool Dad! Check out the lovable Dwayne '"The Rock" Johnson in the upcoming and reboots as well as and 2016's Central Intelligence.


Would you love to go for a beer with The Rock?


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