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Recently, Tommy Wiseau has returned to his roots: making intentional drama. The cult icon has threatened the Sydney Underground Film Festival, putting the event in an awkward state. The cause of this? A small, independent documentary titled Room Full of Spoons.

What Makes Taking Down The Film Such A High Priority For Wiseau?

Room Full of Spoons is a documentary that was born on Kickstarter about the making of The Room. It follows a group of enthusiasts as they unravel the mystery behind Tommy Wiseau, delving deep into his past. The film collects interviews from many of the core cast and crew, who spill their honest thoughts and stories from behind the scenes. The film even boasts exclusive content featuring Wiseau himself in addition to revelations that are a must-see for The Room fanatics.

First of all, Tommy was actually involved with the project when it first started, and was very excited in the idea of a full-fledged documentary about him. The final product still celebrates the writer and star, but is also about the experiences many of the crew had on set. It is fascinating to see how the film evolved from an intentional drama into a phenomenon.

So why is he trying to censor the film? It is clear that Wiseau finds the film to be an inaccurate interpretation of what actually happened, even though the cast and crew all have similar accounts. He has also been attacking the film for violating copyright laws even though it is protected under fair use.

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Even with his busy schedule of attending fan screenings, Wiseau has gone out of his way to shut down every screening set up by Room Full of Spoons director Rick Harper and his team. For the most part, he was been very successful, making the theaters choose between the original masterpiece, and the documentary. From a theater owner's standpoint it is understandable that they would pull Room Full of Spoons, since they would not be able to screen The Room ever again. Wiseau even created a video shaming the creators behind it:

Unfortunately, the director of what is arguably the worst film of all time is forcing the Sydney Underground Film Festival to take out the movie from their schedule, or else he will take legal action. This is the first time that the Sydney Underground Film Festival has been censored for its content. The director of the festival had this to say to The Guardian:

“This is the biggest censorship issue our festival has ever had, and it is not from the government – it’s from the man who has delusions of cinematic adequacy, Tommy Wiseau. We see the humor and irony in being censored for the first time in a decade by the man who is reputed to be one of the world’s worst filmmakers."

The festival, which runs through September 16-19, will now have screenings of The Room in place of the documentary.

When reached on behalf of Movie Pilot, director and writer of Room Full of Spoons, Rick Harper, had this to say:

Tommy’s success has really gone to his head, he seems to have forgotten that fans like me are who made him famous. It’s a shame the he can’t see past his own sunglasses. 'The Room' fans have been waiting to see 'Room Full of Spoons' for years and now and it’s being blocked by the very man we’re celebrating. This whole situation is ridiculous. But I'll admit that the controversy is bringing 'Room Full of Spoons' a lot of attention. For every festival Tommy forces to cancel, another three contact us, and the support from 'The Room' fans has been overwhelming. Even Tommy's biggest fans will admit he's being shortsighted.

Room Full of Spoons currently has no release date.

If you haven't seen The Room, check out the video below for one of the most choice scenes in the entire movie:

What's your favorite quote from The Room?


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