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Moviepilot’s Creative team were given free reign to come up with exciting ways to share their anticipation for The Rover with Moviepilot users and fans across the web. They had just 48 hours to knock themselves out by creating interactive, shareable content that would engage users, start conversations and promote virality. Below are the fruits of their labors, including custom videos, interactive theme pages, original GIFs, Facebook-specific content, listicles and more. Of course these ideas are just drafts, if we worked together we could collaborate and iterate on content creation...

EVERYTHING you need to know about Robert Pattinson!!


Creative Editorials and Listicles

Our team created a variety of listicles and editorials based on the themes and stars of the movie:

Mad Rob: Trouble Down Under in 'The Rover' Trailer Breakdown >

5 Signs That Indicate We're Heading Towards The Rover's Dystopic Future >

5 Reasons Robert Pattinson is the New Leonardo DiCaprio >

7 Lessons From The Guy Pearce School Of Badassery >

The Rover takes over Facebook

The Rover takes over our 2.5 million strong Vampires Facebook page with a custom cover photo and profile picture. Each time a fan visits the page or sees one of the 13 million posts which appear in users' Facebook newsfeeds each week they'll also see The Rover's custom creative images:

We'd love to work with you on this title!

Contact: Tobi Bauckhage, CEO [email protected]


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