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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Imagine if and had a boring, amicable break-up. No 's, no , no . None of these extra third parties making things that teeensy bit more difficult.

I'm sure the ravenous gossip bloggers would still find something to stick in the way.

This time, it's the dogs. Yes, those two sweet canines Bear and Bernie. Remember them, the two dogs Kristen and Robert so valiantly saved from a settlement home? Reports have suggested that Kristen is missing the pair BIG TIME (they're currently residing at Rob's pad), and is looking into joint custody, where they both get one each.

First of all, Bear and Bernie! They sound so good together, it seems awful to split them up! But, then at the same time, it seems equally awful for one half of the couple to go dog-less.

But, I'll put it this way. One office survey later, it's a unanimous verdict - Kristen's intense, emo-stare doesn't meet the dog-caring mustard compared to Robert's more chilled-out nature. A dog-walk with Kristen? Or with RPatz? RPatz, surely!

Granted, these reports come from the Daily Star. For the non-Brits amongst you, the Daily Star is trashy. It's the newspaper equivalent of LMFAO or beans on toast. Pure trash. So don't hold it to gospel, that's all I'm saying.

So, who should get whom? Is Bear a match for Robert? Or Kristen?


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