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It seems The Walking Dead is becoming the epitome of a massively popular show which fails to gain any respect among critics and the Hollywood elite. After receiving zero Emmy nominations and zero Golden Globe nominations, it's been revealed that the AMC zombie-killing drama has also failed to make headway at the Screen Actor Guild Awards.

The show, which regularly draws in over 10 million viewers, has only received a single nomination, for stunt work. As one of the biggest shows on television, you might expect to see The Walking Dead battling it out with the likes of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad in the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series category, but alas no, that is not the case. Instead Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and Homeland will be vying for the prestigious television acting honor.

Furthermore, none of The Walking Dead cast have been nominated for individual acting awards either. So, what's going on? Is The Walking Dead actively being snubbed by award ceremonies?

Well, I'm sure a lot of news outlets will be saying that, although I'm not sure that is the case. Now, I'm going to say something which I'm sure will outrage a lot of you, so just stay calm: The acting in The Walking Dead simply isn't as good as these other shows. There I've said it. No going back now.

Sure, The Walking Dead is fun and entertaining, but it has none of the artistic clout or acting quality of the other nominees in the list. The first season (under ) certainly deserves to be recognized, however by Season 4 it has in many ways become a cavalcade of smashing up prosthetic zombie faces and gunfire.

Now, as I said, that's all fine and fun, and I can see why it brings in 10 million viewers every week, but compare its themes, ideas and performances to shows like Breaking Bad and it immediately falls flat. In my opinion, those shows simply offer better opportunities for actors to prove themselves. Please don't hate me...

What do you think? I'm sure a lot of you disagree. Feel free to offer well constructed alternative arguments (or just insult my mother) below.

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