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's creepy, maternal horror flick, Mama, executive produced by and starring , is set to arrive in theaters January 18 of next year. It's the story of two feral girls found in the woods alone, taken into the home of kindly relatives hoping to bring normalcy to their lives.

There's just that small issue of a weird dead lady that's all about killing folks in really horrible ways that attempt to take the girls away from her. I hate when that happens.

In celebration of awful mothers in film, we present the three worst mamas in cinema.

3. Beverly Sutphin - Serial Mom (1994)

Sure, she was a little older, and maybe I'm still stuck in perpetual lust for her from my experience with Body Heat, but was hot in Serial Mom. Also, way crazy and willing to kill the crap out of anyone that got between her and the well-being of her family. It might not be one of ' high-water (ha) mark films, but it was still vastly entertaining watching Turner shift fluidly between June Cleaver, and sociopath with a cleaver.

2. Norman Bates - Psycho (1960)

What's worse than a homicidal maniac housewife? Probably a homicidal maniac dude with mommy issues so intense he dresses in drag while gettin' stabby. Sure, it's kind of cheating throwing Norman Bates in there, but I couldn't exactly include his real mom just for being gross and dead. This isn't my top 3 icky mothers, which I'm sure I'll get to at some point. 's Psycho is a clinic on what not to do when you're uncomfortably close with the parent of the finer sex.

Relax, bro... hang that blouse back up. Maybe put down the knife and watch some SportsCenter. Also, go see Hitchcock; it's out right now and excellent.

1. Alien Queen - Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Yes, I am wholly prepared to say that Alien vs. Predator was poop. Why was given a shot at the franchise, I've not the slightest idea. The guy that's willfully beating Resident Evil to death, somehow made me shudder at the sight of , and hasn't genuinely stoked my fire since 1997's Event Horizon, had no business meddling in the affairs of Xenomorphs and ugly mandible-faces. Still, he managed to slightly redeem himself with the enormous, Facehugger-hatching, surprisingly fleet-footed Alien Queen. You don't mess with her kiddos. Doing so ends poorly.

That'll do it for my list; check out the trailer for Mama below, and don't forget to click the FOLLOW button to get the latest updates on the film. With a guy like Guillermo del Toro eagle-eying the production, you know it's gonna be a solid, scary horror flick.


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