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Zombies. Zombies. Zombies. You can't go anywhere these days without running into the shambling undead. The craze doesn't seem to show any signs of ending though as, according to Deadline, the remake of George Romero's zombie classic, Day Of The Dead is moving along nicely.

Day of the Dead, which originally released in 1985 and followed Romero's Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, sees a group of scientists and soldiers holding out in an underground military bunker. The film is of course famous for introducing one of zombie-lore's most well-known (and controversial) zombies, Bub — a domesticated zombie who can talk and apparently live beside the living.

After being announced back in July, Day of the Dead has just nabbed both a director and screenwriter. House at the End of the Street helmer will both direct and, along with Lars Jacobson, pen the script.

Day of the Dead was previously remade as direct-to-home-video back in 2008, while rather successfully remade Romero's Dawn of the Dead in 2004. Although Snyder used the more modern 'fast-zombie' in his production, the producers of Day of the Dead claim they will honor Romero's original by assuring fans their zombies will be of the slow traditional variety.

What do you think? Are you glad to see more remakes, or do you wish they'd leave the originals alone? Let us know below.


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