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It's one of those rare moments where mother (grandmother, too I guess) and comic book loving offsping may rejoice alike: Screen icon is joining his English countryman in Kingsman: The Secret Service, the adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name.

The information comes straight from the horse's mouth, in this case Secret Service and Kick-Ass creator, Mark Millar (via We Got This Covered) who pretty much confirmed Caine's casting himself.

Apart from being the star of countless movie classics (and Jaws: The Revenge), Caine, of course, also delivered the definite screen portrait of Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred in 's Dark Knight trilogy. Add the fact that the Oscar winning actor played one of the greatest movie spies of all time in the five Harry Palmer movies, and we might as well call this casting f*cking awesome!

While I have not read Kingsman: The Secret Service, I only heard great things about it. Apparently the graphic novel does for spy movies what Kick-Ass did for the superhero genre. In an age where super-serious Bourne movies reign supreme, and a smile by a granite-faced James Bond is a rare event, a funny spy movie with an edge would be a welcome sight indeed.

The dark comedy centers on the unlikely mentor-disciple relationship between Gary, a ne'er-do-well kid from a dangerous London neighborhood and his Uncle Jack, a suave old-school spy.

As plays Uncle Jack, I confess not having the slightest idea whom might be playing.

Those of you who read the The Secret Service: any suggestions?


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