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After filmmaker Guillermo del Toro left the Hellboy franchise, his fans were distressed — but as an old adage says, when one door closes another one opens. This happens to be the case for del Toro, since the loss of his apocalyptic Hellboy 3 opened the door for him to make a new original movie, The Shape of Water.

The film has been hyped as far back as 2016, but only a brief summary and logo had been released. Now, the movie's first full trailer has arrived, and del Toro's work looks stunningly gorgeous. Watch it below:

Guillermo Del Toro, Fish-People And The Cold War

Set against the backdrop of the Cold War in 1963, follows a mute employee named Elisa (Sally Hawkins) who works at a high-security facility that houses a strange secret. Elisa's life is changed forever when she encounters the classified experiment within the complex: a telepathic amphibian creature (played by Doug Jones), whom she begins to feel a connection with.

Elisa, her coworker Zelda (Octavia Spencer) and other sympathetic people within the facility try to free the creature before it's subjected to a fate worse than death by the higher-ups like Strickland (Michael Shannon) and his underlings.

A Gothic, Wet Kind of Love

'The Shape of Water' [Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures]
'The Shape of Water' [Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures]

Based on first impressions alone, The Shape of Water looks like a movie that die-hard fans will instantly love. From the Gothic ambiance to a weird yet fascinating creature that looks like it was brought to life through a combination of CGI and prosthetics, The Shape of Water has the visual trademarks synonymous with the director.

Del Toro's upcoming movie may remind some of his work in Pan's Labyrinth, in which a young girl comes face to face with the mythical world of fairies during the Spanish Civil War. The Shape of Water also features a female lead who encounters an unexpected world that she grows attached to, so viewers should expect an emotional romantic story that's embellished by del Toro's signature fantastical touches, some political overtones and a couple of disturbing otherworldly scenes.

Though it may be interesting to imagine what Guillermo del Toro may have had planned for tentpole movies like Justice League Dark and the aforementioned , he shines most as a filmmaker when he's left to his own devices and allowed to bring whatever gorgeous nightmares he may have to the big screen. The Shape of Water is still months away from opening day, but it looks like something worth waiting for.

The Shape of Water will open in theaters on December 8, 2017.

What are your thoughts on The Shape of Water? Would you watch it or not? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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