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Three and a half decades ago, released a little novel called The Shining that scared the bejeezus out of people and created a cultural phenomenon. Three years later, director adapted it into a feature-length film that King notoriously hated. He's also none too happy about the Shining prequel project over at Warner Bros.

And why should he be? They're writing the script without him, asking for virtually no input, instead just using his name and brand recognition to sell the idea. Further, his long-awaited, actual sequel to The Shining, titled Doctor Sleep, is due out in bookshelves this fall.

Apparently, books get trailers now, too, at least if you're as mega-famous a writer as King, and so Scribner has dropped a lurid new Doctor Sleep teaser trailer to whet fan's appetites for the September release of the novel:


I, for one, am seriously stoked to see a return for King to the kind of horror story upon which he built his empire. As King himself described it, it's "a return to balls-to-the-wall, keep-the-lights-on horror." Might we see an adaptation of this in theaters? With all sorts of projects based on King's material in the works, it would be no surprise to see this added to the list.

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