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Hard to believe: It's been a decade since everyone's favorite dysfunctional family finally landed on the big screen in The Simpsons Movie. While Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie had been regular presences on our TV screens for almost two decades, the 2007 film marked the Simpsons' big screen debut.

Since the film's release, fans have been left wondering if we would ever see a sequel. After all, The Simpsons Movie was both a critical and commercial success, so it would make perfect sense for a big-budget return to Springfield.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly to mark the 10th anniversary of the original film, director David Silverman recently shed some light on the situation. Speaking about his desire to do a sequel, he commented:

"I’d love for there to be another one. We’re still a ways away from it. We talk about this and that. We’re thinking it over, but nothing’s happening just yet...It’s still daunting because it really knocked the stuffing out of us to do the movie and the show at the same time.”

It's good to know that, despite the drawbacks, the creative team are still keeping their options open.

However, Al Jean (the writer/producer of ) claimed that while he wants to make sure that they can provide fans with a great story, worthy of the series and the original film, development of the film is indeed in its "earliest stages." He stated:

“I’d say [it’s in] the very earliest stages. I certainly am cautious about a couple things. I wouldn’t want it to be risky in terms of budget, and I would not want it to be anything that we did purely for the money. I would want it to be a really great movie. I personally feel no need for another one unless it’s great.”

So while there is still an awful lot to consider, it sounds like Silverman and Jean are incredibly committed to giving us a worthy follow-up to The Simpsons Movie, as opposed to just making a big-budget feature for the money, unworthy of its predecessors.

Could Another Movie Signify The End Of 'The Simpsons'?

Without a doubt, The Simpsons is one of the most iconic shows of all time. First airing back in December 1989, the family has been a regular fixture of television for almost three decades. Having amassed 28 seasons and over 600 episodes, it's understandable that some of us would wonder if the end is in sight.

While it certainly doesn't seem like it, perhaps a sequel to The Simpsons Movie could be the perfect way for them to bow out. After the first film was undoubtedly their biggest adventure yet, I'm pretty sure the creators would love to send the Simpsons out with a bang in the possible sequel.

The Simpsons of old: An early image of 'The Simpsons'. [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
The Simpsons of old: An early image of 'The Simpsons'. [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

After all, as Silverman stated, doing the TV show and the film side by side was a seemingly impossible task. Thus, it would completely logical for them to make the sequel after the series officially comes to an end.

One way or another, it seems that The Simpsons Movie 2 is an eventuality. And after their first big screen adventure was such a resounding success, it's easy to see why we're all excited for the eventual follow-up.

Are you happy to hear that The Simpsons Movie 2 is still likely? Let us know in the comments below!

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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