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Alexander Skarsgård risked a serious case of blue balls in the South Pole this week! The Swedish actor seemed oblivious to the polar temperatures as he let it all hang out. One can only imagine his companion Prince Harry's right royal blush at the sight!

Alexander Skarsgård bares all in the biting polar cold

The True Blood star exposed his buff bod and sense of humor while appearing to pensively read a book on the worlds most exhibitionist friendly toilet.

The racy image was posted on Instagram by Inge Solheim, Alexander's exhibition leader on the Walking with the Wounded challenge, along with the caption; “ -30C What are you reading Alex? The script for season 7 of ? :-)

Alexander Skarsgård pictured training with Prince Harry

One things for sure, definitely isn't a shrinking violet. The exhibitionist actor also displayed some impressive full frontal nudity in the memorable finale of True Blood season 6.

I might be a dirty little Swedeophile, but surely I am not alone when I say that Skarsgård gives me the shivers? An impressive feat for a bloke on the crapper!

Source:The Daily Mail

Images: Just Jared, The Daily Mail via Instagram and The National Science Foundation



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