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Stephen King fans have waited years for one of their most coveted films, and the new Stardust app is there to make the film experience even better.

The big screen reboot of IT has debuted to great reviews, box office victory and even approval from King himself. As screenings let out, thousands of fans connected on the Stardust app to broadcast their immediate reactions upon leaving the theater and share their enthusiasm for the movie. We've got a ton of viewer reactions that just might convince you of the film's power!

Far from your average review site, Stardust has revolutionized reviews for the moviegoing community, making it easy for fans to find out what others are saying about films in a digestible, fun and easy to use way. After watching a film, Stardust allows you to record your own reaction video and then uploads it for your friends and other curious fans to see. Your reaction might even make Stardust's "Trending Reactions" section, which compiles reaction videos about the latest hot movies, and builds a community of connected fans.

Naturally, one of the films currently trending on Stardust is Andy Muschietti's , and, judging by the reaction compilation, it looks as though the film was a big hit with horror fans. Check out the reactions these IT fans already uploaded to Stardust:

As you can see from the video, fans recorded reactions spanning from three to 30 seconds in length and then uploaded them to convince others of the greatness of IT. Stardust — which is available for both IOS and Android devices — lets you not only see their reactions, but also the star rating they gave the film.

What's even better is the community that Stardust has fostered; thousands of dedicated and likeminded fans have uploaded their reaction videos for films and TV series. Where traditional movie reviews can come across as pretentious and out-of-touch, the fact that Stardust has a fan-built community means users see honest and authentic opinions from fans just like them.

So, what kind of reactions and reviews can you expect to see when using this innovative app? Check out a few of the reasons Stardust users rated IT so highly:

It's Actually Scary

Alright, we knew that IT was probably going to be scary given that it's a horror film, but it's definitely reassuring to know that if you're paying for a scary movie you're actually going to be scared! Stardust user xavierjthomas said the film was "scary and had high tension," even admitting he jumped out of his seat.

The Child Actors Are Amazing

Films or TV shows that heavily revolve around children can be risky, and you need to ensure a young cast not only have the skills but also the charm to pull off their roles. Luckily the young cast members of IT — including Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis and Chosen Jacobs — were all up to the task. Stardust users praised their acting, specifically mentioning their chemistry and how funny they all were.

Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise Is Perfect

While there's no doubt Tim Curry's iteration of Pennywise is iconic, it looks like Bill Skarsgård's version also deserves all the praise it can get. With the Stardust community calling his performance "intense" and "creepy as hell," this terrifying clown is one we need to see on the big screen.

IT is in cinemas now, and you can give your reaction on the Stardust app after downloading it via the website.

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