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The final season of FX's horror show The Strain, directed by the great Guillermo del Toro, is set to begin on July 16. With this intense, new-age vampire show coming to a close, FX has stepped up their promo game. There are several commercials running for the fourth and final season, so we broke down three outstanding (and a bit disturbing) trailers in order to unravel their wider implications.

'The Partnership'

This broadcast seems to be playing on the blood donation act that Palmer set up for The Master last season. Appearing as an actual news bulletin allows to invade the minds of FX viewers, especially those who were not already watching this intense drama.

The Strain is also taking the same tactic on social media. Posts to Twitter frequently allude to The Master wanting blood. These promos leave much to be desired and many questions to be answered. Was The Partnership established after the nuclear bomb? Is it now a successful operation? And most importantly: How will our heroes fight this seemingly unstoppable force that is The Strigoi?

Baby Strigoi

What on Earth? There are two seemingly similar promos involving what looks like Strigoi babies? This one focuses on Dutch in stirrups, and the promo ends with what sounds like crying babies. With Dutch being one of my favorite characters — and in such a strong lead female role — I hope that this scene is not what it appears to be. The promo released before this one, however, is of a woman giving birth, with Dutch by her side. Once the baby is born, faces of shock are all that can be seen in the room. What does this mean? Is The Master trying to produce his Strigoi by different means? Or, is this in the same vein as the blind Strigoi children?

The Final Full-Length Trailer

The full-length trailer for the last season is by far the most intense. The question that is plaguing every fan's mind remains: "Is Zach being primed to become the new Master?"

Last season many fans dubbed Zach as "The Worst TV Kid Ever," and Reddit is aboard the Zach hate train. Just check out the Zach hate MEGATHREAD on Reddit. If any of these theories about Zach becoming The Master are true, then this label will truly be fitting, and the hate for Zach will keep flowing. This trailer alludes to it, as there is a very powerful scene where The Master is giving Zach some of his elusive serum.

Let's not forget about the end of the trailer, with Abraham Setrakian seemingly becoming a Strigoi and coming after Fet. Did our beloved Setrakian turn to the dark side? Will Fet have the power to stop him? Did our heroes really lose as Eph states?

What did you pick up from the promos and trailer? Any theories on what the new and final season will hold? Lets discuss in the comments below!


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