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DC began to debut characters in 1935 with Doctor Occult, the first DC superhero. Soon after, debuted as 's first "strong-man" before becoming one of the most popular comic book superheroes there has ever been. We then got more physically powerful superheroes such as Captain Marvel (Shazam) and .

Similar to the Strength Scale we used for Marvel, we're using a slightly different scale with an "Incalculable" strength category. Since we've already gone through the physically strongest superheroes in Marvel, now it's time to delve into the strongest superheroes in comics.

20. Big Barda

  • Alter-Ego: Barda Free
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Mister Miracle #4
  • Year of First Appearance: 1971
  • Most Significant Power: Divine Abilities

Being known as one of her own world's greatest warriors, she once served as the leader of 's personal guard. After she had found love with Mr. Miracle, she betrayed Darkseid and fled Apokolips, and then made Earth her new home. Her god-like strength puts her on par with Wonder Woman, easily able to lift 100 tons without much effort.

19. Wonder Girl

  • Alter-Ego: Donna Troy
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Brave and The Bold #60
  • Year of First Appearance: 1965
  • Most Significant Power: Superhuman Strength

Troy was created to be a playmate for Wonder Woman. The sorceress Magala had a magical mirror to duplicate Diana Prince, which gave Troy the same powers as the Amazonian warrior. Troy then became a very essential part on Prince's life and was once a member of the Teen Titans. Both Troy and Prince have comparable strength; they can easily lift an excess of 100 tons.

18. Geo-Force

  • Alter-Ego: Prince Brion Markov
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Brave and The Bold #200
  • Year of First Appearance: 1983
  • Most Significant Power: Geokinesis

Being the king of Markovia, he also has the powers of Earth. Seeking revenge after Baron Bedlam, he was instilled with abilities by scientific discoveries of Dr. Jace. Now, Brion has the powers of gravity, earth control, lava-blasts and super strength. For the most part, Markov's strength is comparable to that of Wonder Woman's. However, when utilizing his gravity-based powers, his tends to be even more powerful.

17. Mr. Majestic

  • Alter-Ego: Majestros
  • First Comic Book Appearance: WildC.A.T.s #11
  • Year of First Appearance: 1994
  • Most Significant Power: Kherubim Physiology

Born on planet Khera, Mejestros was once a Kherubim warlord. He later got trapped on Earth along with a few other Kherubim lords during the Kherubim/Daemonite war. After getting used to being on Earth, Majestic not only devoted himself to fight the Daemonites, but he also devoted himself to Earth's threats as well. Without using his full potential, he can easily lift over 100,000 tons and has been known to match Superman's strength.

16. Icon

  • Alter-Ego: Augustus Freeman
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Icon #1
  • Year of First Appearance: 1993
  • Most Significant Power: Terminan Physiology

After crash-landing on Earth in 1839, Freeman (a member of the Terminan alien race) was raised as a slave and later escaped through the Underground Railroad. After a series of events, Freeman took it upon himself to become superhero and is later recruited by Superman to join the . Possessing vast superhuman strength, Icon is almost as powerful as Superman.

15. Mon-El

  • Alter-Ego: Lar Gand
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Superboy #89
  • Year of First Appearance: 1961
  • Most Signifiant Power: Daxamite Physiology

From the planet Daxam, Gand crash-landed on Earth as a small boy. He soon met a young Clark Kent, who then gave Gand the name: Mon-El. Gand is a Daxamite, whose race is similar to that of the Kryptionians. Gand's powers are similar to Superman's while both of their strengths are comparable to one another.

14. Isis

  • Alter-Ego: Adrianna Tomaz
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Shazam #25
  • Year of First Appearance: 1976
  • Most Significant Power: Power of Isis

Once a slave of Intergang, she was offered to Black Adam as a bribe. After falling in love with him, Captain Marvel came to her aid, thus leading her to be a hero. Tomaz gets her powers through the amulet of Isis. Known as one of the strongest women on Earth, her strength is comparable to Wonder Woman.

13. Osiris

  • Alter-Ego: Amon Tomaz
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Teen Titans #38
  • Year of First Appearance: 2006
  • Most Significant Power: Power of The Black Adam

Being enslaved at a young age, Amon is the brother of Adrianna Tomaz (Isis). He had been beaten many times during his captivity until his sister and Black Adam found him. Isis was able to heal her brother's wounds whereas Black Adam gave a portion of his power to Amon, thus making him Osiris.

12. Apollo

  • Alter-Ego: Unknown
  • First Comic Book Appearance: StormWatch #4
  • Year of First Appearance: 1998
  • Most Significant Power: Solar Absorption

Being a very powerful superhero and a member of StormWatch, he was a former US soldier. He was bio-engineered by former StormWatch member, Henry Bendix. Apollo is known as the Sun God who has superhuman abilities, heat vision, and invulnerability. Similar to Superman, Apollo needs frequent exposure to sunlight, which recharges his powers and health.

11. Starfire

  • Alter-Ego: Koriand'r
  • First Comic Book Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26
  • Year of First Appearance: 1980
  • Most Significant Power: Tamaranean Physiology

Once, she was a warrior princess on planet Tamaran, which is now destroyed. Escaping after six years in captivity, Koriand'r and her sister Komand'r found their way to Earth with the help of the Teen Titans. She then became a member of the team and took the name: Starfire. Her uppermost level of strength is unknown, however she can easily lift 100 tons and has been known to be stronger than Donna Troy (Wonder Girl).

10. Power Boy

  • Alter-Ego: Unknown
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Teen Titans #38
  • Year of First Appearance: 2006
  • Most Significant Power: New God Physiology

As a boy, he was abused and tormented on planet Apokolips, ruled by Darkseid. With the help of Little Barda, they managed to escape the clutches of Darkseid and make it to Earth. Soon later, both he and Barda were asked to join the Teen Titans after the death of Superboy. Power Boy has incredible superhuman strength that is far underestimated.

9. Orion

  • Alter-Ego: N/A
  • First Comic Book Appearance: The New Gods #1
  • Year of First Appearance: 1971
  • Most Significant Power: Astro-Force

Orion, being the second son of Darkseid, is the greatest defender and fiercest warrior of the Fourth World. He faces a current struggle by maintaining the balance between his peaceful upbringing and brutal nature. Orion fights for the good and innocent, but his greatest enemy is his inner, darker self. He's one of the most powerful warriors in the universe, and has been known to hold his own against Superman and Wonder Woman.

8. Aquaman

  • Alter-Ego: Arthur Curry
  • First Comic Book Appearance: More Fun Comics #73
  • Year of First Appearance: 1941
  • Most Significant Power: Atlantean Physiology

Son of Atlantean queen Atlanna, later taking on his birthright as King of Atlantis. He is one of the founding members of the Justice League. has superhuman strength (especially underwater) and can easily lift 100 tons. He's been known to sucker punch Superman in the jaw, and held his own against Superboy and Wonder Woman.

7. Captain Atom

  • Alter-Ego: Nathaniel Christopher Adam
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Captain Atom #1
  • Year of First Appearance: 1987
  • Most Significant Power: Quantum Field Manipulation

Framed for a crime he didn't commit, US Air Force officer Nathaniel Adam was coerced into a science experiment for presidential pardon. Testing the durability of a crashed alien ship for the experiment, the metal melted within his body, sending him a few years into the future with superpowers. His powers is fueled by the Quantum Field, thus giving him superhuman abilities. He's been toe-to-toe with Superman and Majestic during physical combat and was able to hold his own.

6. Power Girl

  • Alter-Ego: Kara Zor-L
  • First Comic Book Appearance: All-Star Comics #58
  • Year of First Appearance: 1976
  • Most Significant Power: Kryptonian Physiology

Basically the mirror of , Power Girl was born on Earth-2. Her story also mirrors Superman and Supergirl's story where they escape before Krypton was destroyed. When Kara arrived on Earth, she was already in her twenties. Shortly afterwards, she became the heroine known as Power Girl. She possesses great superhuman powers and can easily lift over 100 tons with minimal effort.

5. Supergirl

  • Alter-Ego: Kara Zor-El
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Action Comics #252
  • Year of First Appearance: 1959
  • Most Significant Power: Kryptonian Physiology

Kara was sent to Earth to be raised by her cousin Kal-El (who we know as Superman). While being trained by her cousin, she soon adopted the identity of Linda Lee. Just like Superman and Power Girl, she has the same Kryptonian powers, including strength. Her upper limits aren't known, however she can easily lift 100 tons with little effort. She once punched Superman and he stated he had never been hit that hard before.

4. Wonder Woman

  • Alter-Ego: Diana Prince
  • First Comic Book Appearance: All-Star Comics #8
  • Year of First Appearance: 1941
  • Most Significant Power: Devine Empowerment

Daughter of Zeus and princess of the Amazons, Diana is one of the most powerful warriors of peace and equality on Earth. She is also a founding member of the Justice League. She was given power by the Gods to destroy all forms of evil. Diana has even held her own in an even match between her and Captain Marvel. We recently discovered that her bracelets are what protect her enemies from her intense strength.

Want to know more about Diana and her character background and powers?

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3. Martian Manhunter

  • Alter-Ego: J'onn J'onzz
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Detective Comics #225
  • Year of First Appearance: 1955
  • Most Significant Power: Martian Physiology

Once a police officer married to a Martian named M'yri'ah, Martian Manhunter currently serves and protects Earth. In 1955, Dr. Erdel was experimenting with alien technology and accidentally transported J'onzz from Mars to Earth. Soon later, he was a member of the Justice League. Martian Manhunter is one of the Earth's mightiest heroes, easily capable of lifting an excess of 100 tons. One time he was seen moving objects as large as planet Earth.

2. Captain Marvel

  • Alter-Ego: William Batson
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Whiz Comics #2
  • Year of First Appearance: 1940
  • Most Significant Power: Divine Abilities

After his parents were killed in a violent car crash, young William went to live with his uncle. His uncle soon kicked young William out of his house, leaving him to fend for himself on the streets. Shortly after meeting a strange, shadowy man, he said the name "Shazam" and was transformed into a powerful, muscle-bound man known as Captain Marvel. He's known as DC's most powerful characters. Though his max strength is unknown, he once punched Wonder Woman and Superman to the ground in a single punch.

1. Superman

  • Alter-Ego: Kal-El
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Action Comics #1
  • Year of First appearance: 1938
  • Most Significant Power: Kryptonian Physiology

Sent to Earth from the doomed planet Krypton, Kal-El was adopted by the Kent family in Kansas and was raised as Clark Kent. A few years went by before Clark moved to the city Metropolis as a reporter where he then met love his interest, Lois Lane. His powers are augmented by the sun and can restore his health. He's also one of the strongest beings on the planet: The limit to his strength is unknown. Superman is an incredible character and by far DC's most popular superhero (alongside Batman and Wonder Woman).


Which of these characters do you think deserves the No. 1 slot?


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