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The first Marvel superheroes to debut was in the late '30s and early '40s with Namor, Human Torch and Captain America, but it wasn't until the '60s when we started seeing characters that were physically powerful such as the , , Hercules, and many others. To create the list below, we utilized a table known as the "Strength Scale" in the database.

In case you you're not quite sure what this is, it's what Marvel uses to place characters in the entire Marvel universe in order by raw physical strength. The scale begins with characters falling in the "human" category, then moving on to "normal" and "athlete," which then leads into the "superhuman" category.

In this particular list, we pulled 20 characters from a section of the "Strength Scale" known as the "Incalculable" strength category. This is the category where gods and superhumans are so physically powerful, no one can calculate how much. Who's first?

20. Beta Ray Bill

  • Alter-Ego: Simon Walters
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Thor #337
  • Year of First Appearance: 1983
  • Most Significant Power: Stormbreaker

Beta Ray Bill is a cyborg champion of the Korbinites — a peaceful race that created Beta Ray for protection amongst their people. As a cyborg, he already has superhuman abilities, but after successfully wielding Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, it augments his initial powers, making him a close match to Thor Odinson. After a short rivalry with Thor over Mjolnir, Beta Ray was granted a magical hammer of his own known as Stormbreaker. Beta Ray has been known by crushing entire moons and planets using his own physical strength.

19. Blue Marvel

  • Alter-Ego: Adam Bernard Brashear
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Adam: Legend of The Blue Marvel #1
  • Year of First Appearance: 2009
  • Most Significant Power: Anti-Matter Energy Absorption

Also known as Adam Brashear, he was a veteran of the Korean War while serving in the United States Marine Corps. Having a Ph.D.s in electrical engineering and theoretical physics, he became project manager who oversaw the creation of a negative reactor, which exploded and ultimately lead to Brashear getting his powers, such as: superhuman abilities, energy absorption/manipulation, and invulnerability. The Watcher once stated that Brashear is fully capable of splitting a moon in half with a single blow. Also, Brashear once pushed Sentry to his limits of strength before punching him into Earth's orbit.

18. Hercules

  • Alter-Ego: N/A
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Journey Into Mystery Annual #1
  • Year of First Appearance: 1965
  • Most Significant Power: Hand-to-hand combat

Being one of the six sons of Zeus himself, Hercules was a savior to the gods and mankind alike. Ever since ancient times, Hercules continues to defend the world from imminent threats, especially now that he has recently became a member of the Avengers. Just like Thor, Hercules is essentially a god. Before the two were allies, Hercules was able to choke out Thor in a head-lock that Thor couldn't break free from. As the Olympian God of Raw Strength, Hercules was able to fend off against Thor, Hulk, and Sentry.

17. Wonder Man

  • Alter-Ego: Simon Williams
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Avengers #9
  • Year of First Appearance: 1964
  • Most Significant Power: Ionic Energy

Originally a villain, Wonder Man (a.k.a. Simon Williams) was with the Masters of Evil sent to seek and destroy the Avengers by none other that Baron Zemo. Instead of destroying the Avengers, Williams sympathized with the heroic team thus leaving the Masters of Evil and joining the Avengers. Wonder Man is a being of pure ionic energy. The limits of William's strength is unknown, but what we do know that he is listed in the highest class of most powerful beings in the Marvel universe.

16. Roger Norvell

  • Alter-Ego: N/A
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Thor #273
  • Year of First Appearance: 1978
  • Most Significant Power: Crusher (a copy of Mjolnir)

Roger Norvell (a.k.a. Red) was part of a film crew who were making a documentary. The god of mischief, Loki, smuggled the team into going to Asgard. Norvell soon met Lady Sif, who rejected his advances, which led Norvell to go up against Thor in a challenge. Finding this the perfect opportunity to defeat Thor, Loki then offered Norvell equal powers to that of Thor, which he accepted. Since Norvell was granted powers of a god, he has similar powers to that of Thor, and his physical strength is unknown.

15. Bor Burison

  • Alter-Ego: N/A
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Journey Into Mystery #97
  • Year of First Appearance: 1963
  • Most Significant Power: Godly Magic

Bor Burison, the father of Odin (father of Thor and Loki), was the first king of Asgard. Bor faithfully led his people in a time of power and prosperity, winning their loyalty through his leadership and his triumphs on the field. Being one of the gods to create the universe and through his accomplishments and ultimate wins, he was an unquestioned and powerful ruler and king. Surpassing the strength and capabilities of the Odinforce, Bor is labeled as one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. He once held his own against the Sentry and is more powerful than any Asgardian, including Thor.

14. Maxam

  • Alter-Ego: Unkown
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Warlock and The Infinity Watch #12
  • Year of First Appearance: 1993
  • Most Significant Power: Berserker Strength

Once a member of the Infinity Watch, Maxam was sent from the future to destroy Adam Warlock's evil self: Magus. Maxam was on a mission to destroy Magus's "larval stage" of Adam Warlock. Maxum was later defeated by Moondragon (another member of the Infinity Watch), and she used her mind powers to make him think he seemingly completed his mission. He then later transported back only to never be seen again. Maxam can increase in size and strength and has been known to lift over 100 tons and is virtually indestructible.

13. The Living Tribunal

  • Alter-Ego: N/A
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Strange Tales #157
  • Year of First Appearance: 1967
  • Most Significant Power: Omnipotence

The Living Tribunal is a powerful humanoid who has existed since the universe itself. His one and only job is to protect the multiverses against imminent threats. The Tribunal also senses the imbalance of good or evil. If deemed necessary due to preserve the mystical balance, the Tribunal has the absolute power to obliterate an entire planet without effort. Not only is he one of the most physically strongest characters in the Marvel universe, his has limitless omnipotent powers.

12. Thor (Jane Foster)

  • Alter-Ego: Jane Foster
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Journey Into Mystery #84
  • Year of First Appearance: 1962
  • Most Significant Power: Mjolnir

Jane Foster became the Goddess of Thunder after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although Thor was with her the entire time for support, he became no longer worthy to wield Mjolnir. She soon came across the hammer and attempted to lift it and succeeded. While holding Mjolnir and becoming the all-new female Thor, the chemo exits her body, making that the only downside to the situation. When she transforms back into a human, she no longer has chemo and gets sicker and sicker. With her powers, she is able to lift an excess of 100 tons, making her a perfect candidate for the list.

11. Agamotto

  • Alter-Ego: N/A
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Marvel Premiere #5
  • Year of First Appearance: 1972
  • Most Significant Power: Divine Magic

Once a mortal, Agamotto is a member of the Vishanti, which is a trinity of powerful entities who operate for order and for the good. Later, he had learned and practiced the art of magic — becoming the first Sorcerer Supreme. Before he became a member of the Vishanti, he died as a mortal, but he lives as a mystical entity. He left behind many magical artifacts, the most common being the Eye of Agamotto, Orb of Agamotto, and the Spine of Agamotto. His skills in the art of magic allows him to transcend his physical abilities to unknown limits.

10. Nova

  • Alter-Ego: Richard Rider
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Nova #1
  • Year of First Appearance: 1976
  • Most Significant Power: Nova Force

Also known as Richard Rider, is an inter-galactic peacekeeper. He was empowered by the Nova Force, which granted him many superhuman attributes. He is possessed with tremendously augmented strength and durability, as well as cosmic energy. Nova once was able to hold his own against the Silver Surfer. The physical strength of Nova is unknown, but we do know that his powers are limitless.

9. Skaar

  • Alter-Ego: N/A
  • First Comic Book Appearance: What If? Planet Hulk #1
  • Year of First Appearance: 2007
  • Most Significant Power: Berserker Strength

Receiving the powers of both his parents, Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong, Skaar traveled to Earth to seek revenge on the Hulk. Instead, he realized that his father was a good person, and joined forces with him. Sakaar once defeated dragons with only a sword and his bare hands. Like his father, Sakaar's emotions determine his strength. Since he contains the Old Power and gamma radiation, he has practically limitless physical strength.

8. Sentry

  • Alter-Ego: Robert Reynolds
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Sentry #1
  • Year of First Appearance: 2000
  • Most Significant Power: Molecular Manipulation

Sentry is another her that gained his powers through the super-soldier serum, just like Captain America. However, the formula that Sentry received was thousands of times more potent than when it was first created, making it more powerful. Sentry faces a constant battle with his darker version known as The Void. We have yet to see Sentry's limit of physical strength, but we do know that he can easily lift or press 100 tons easily, while his strength rivals the likes of the Hulk.

7. Silver Surfer

  • Alter-Ego: Norrin Radd
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Fantastic Four #48
  • Year of First Appearance: 1966
  • Most Significant Power: Power Cosmic

Born Norrin Radd, he pleaded for the safety of his planet and for his people to Galactus, Ravager of Worlds. Galactus then accepted and granted Radd the Power Cosmic in order for Radd to scout suitable planets for Galactus to devour. He later came to his senses and turned on Galactus, becoming a protector of Earth and other worlds from his old master. The Surfer gets all of his powers through the Power Cosmic. This grants him limitless physical strength as well as taking physical hits from beings such as She-Hulk, Thor, and the Hulk without any damage or pain.

6. Namor

  • Alter-Ego: Namor McKenzie
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1
  • Year of First Appearance: 1939
  • Most Significant Power: Atlantean Physiology

Being the first Marvel superhero, he is the ruler of the undersea Atlantis. He's also been labeled as the strongest out of his superhuman race, and one of the strongest on planet Earth. Namor has been known to hold his own against characters such as She-Hulk, Savage Hulk, and a brief encounter with Sentry and the Thing. He has also been able to lift thousands of tons without any effort. As powerful as he is, the longer he is separated from water, the weaker he gets.

5. Zeus

  • Alter-Ego: Zeus Panhellenios
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Venus #5
  • Year of First Appearance: 1949
  • Most Significant Power: Divine Powers

Zeus, son of Cronus and Rhea, is the second most powerful of the Olympians — only to be surpassed by his son, Hercules. However, Zeus can use magic to make him even more physically powerful to overthrow him. Having the ability to lift an excess of 100 tons, he was able to beat the Hulk in hand-to-hand combat.

4. Thing

  • Alter-Ego: Benjamin Grimm
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Fantastic Four #1
  • Year of First Comic Book Appearance: 1961
  • Most Significant Power: Superhuman Strength

Being the original "tough-guy" for Marvel comics, he is one of the members of the Fantastic Four. Before his exposure to intense cosmic radiation, Ben Grimm was a test-pilot. Since the incident, the Thing has been one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe. On the outside his skin is harder than stone, but on the inside, he has a heart of gold.

3. She-Hulk

  • Alter-Ego: Jennifer Walters
  • First Comics Book Appearance: Savage She-Hulk #1
  • Year of First Appearance: 1980
  • Most Significant Power: Superhuman Strength

Also known as Jennifer Walters, she got her powers after she got shot by mobsters. It was Bruce Banner who gave her a blood transfusion of his own gamma-blood to save her life. Fortunately enough, it saved her, but it gave her the same powers that of her cousin, Bruce Banner. Although she has super strength, she's not quite as powerful as her cousin, but she does know how to control her anger, unlike Bruce.

2. Thor

  • Alter-Ego: N/A
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Venus #11
  • Year of First Appearance: 1950
  • Most Significant Power: Mjolnir

Thor, also known as the God of Thunder, he is the son of Odin, Father of Asgard, and the Elder Earth-Goddess Gaea. He was one of the founding members of the Avengers and he defends and protects Earth and Asgard from imminent threats with his Uru hammer Mjolnir. Thor is arguably the most powerful beings on Earth.

1. Hulk

  • Alter-Ego: Bruce Banner
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Incredible Hulk #1
  • Year of First Appearance: 1962
  • Most Significant Power: Berserker Strength

After saving a young man's life during a bomb test, a massive amount of gamma radiation bombarded Bruce Banner, allowing the gamma radiation to fuse with his DNA. Now, he is a green behemoth that is fueled by rage and pure physical strength. There has been characters to state that his strength is limitless, potentially making him the most physically strongest character in the Marvel universe.




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