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The Terminator is going to be back: both on the big and the small screen. The men vs. robots saga is not only getting a film reboot, but is also heading back to television with an intersecting storyline.

As THR reports, Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures are going to bring back the franchise on TV. The last Terminator series, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, ended four years ago on the Fox Channel. According to the producers, the new show is penned by Thor and X-Men: First Class writers and , and is going to serve as a "companion piece" for the upcoming instalment of the movie franchise.

As THR reports, the TV show:

will follow a critical moment from the first Terminator film (1984) and, where the film's story goes one way, the upcoming series will take the same moment in a completely different direction. As the rebooted film trilogy and the new TV series progress, the two narratives will intersect with each other in some surprising and dramatic ways.

While in the movie:

Schwarzenegger will reprise his famed role in the new trilogy that is described as a time-spanning story that sees him tasked to protect Sarah Connor as she grows up.

The fifth instalment of the Terminator franchise is helmed by Thor: The Dark World director and is set to be released July 1, 2015.

(source: The Hollywood Reporter via ComicBookMovie)

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