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Between ABC, Netflix, FX, The CW and even AMC, television doesn't lack for quality series based on comic books. Given that, some people questioned whether it was necessary for Amazon to introduce a reboot for The Tick last year.

However, Amazon's pilot episode made fans happy — it perfectly hit the tone of the comics and cartoon — so the company green lit a full season. As the series' first trailer proves, this could be the superhero show we need:

The Tick stars Peter Serafinowicz as the titular superhero and Griffin Newman as his nerdy accountant sidekick Arthur Everest. Here's the official description:

From creator Ben Edlund comes the hero you’ve been waiting for. In a world where heroes and villains have existed for decades, a mild-mannered accountant named Arthur has his life turned upside down when he runs into a mysterious blue superhero, The Tick, who insists that Arthur become the brains to his brawn in a crime-fighting duo. Will Arthur resist the call of Destiny or join the fight?

Clearly, this series won't be taking itself as seriously as some other superhero shows such as Daredevil or Arrow. Instead, The Tick will rely on slapstick humor as it makes fun of pop culture's favorite genre.

Fans were initially skeptical of the Amazon pilot — due to affection for the ahead-of-its-time 2001 The Tick TV series starring Patrick Warburton — but I believe that this new show could be a huge success. As long as it respects the source material and doesn't go overboard with the jokes, Amazon could be releasing a pleasant surprise.

The first six episodes of The Tick will be available August 25th on Amazon Video; the remaining six episodes will be released in 2018.

Are you excited for The Tick on Amazon Video or do you prefer the Patrick Warburton version? Sound off in the comments below!


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