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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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Is it coincidence that the trailer for Brad's new movie has been released the same time his marriage has publicly collapsed amid rumors of cheating with his co-star, Marion Cotillard? Or is this the finest piece of timing Hollywood has ever seen? I'm most definitely going with the latter.

Watch Brad and Marion romp in the trailer below and all will immediately become clear:

Let's explore all the reasons why the Allied trailer release speaks volumes on the Brangelina divorce.

1. Spy On Spy? How Original

We all know how Brad and Ange hooked up after filming the spy movie Mr And Mrs Smith. It now seems ol'Brad is at it again because apparently the lure of sexy female spy is too much for him to handle. This time Brad is opposite Marion Cotillard in a WW2 spy extravaganza, which by the looks of it is basically Mr and Mrs Smith in the '40s:

Here we see Brad wining and dining the ladies as he turns on the charm. Don't fall for it Marion, just look what happened to Ange.

Spot the difference: In both movies there is a passionate kiss between the two spies, both of which takes place in difficult weather. Brad got Ange all wet in a storm whereas he made Marion feel the heat in a sandstorm. You have to admit he's got his moves down.

Oh c'mon. You can't expect us to not see the similarities between the two films, because stories follow the same arc. Two spies meet in dangerous circumstances and they use each other as cover, but their allegiance soon blossoms into love and they are wed. However, they soon find out they are not who they seem. Hollywood, sort it out.

You would think that the studios would notice the similarities between the movies as well as recognizing the mood surrounding Pitt currently and just hold off on the trailer release? I guess all publicity is good publicity, though.

2. Sexual Tension, Must Be All Those Nazis

If there's one thing that gets a girl hot it's killing Nazis, so it's no wonder that Marion has allegedly fallen for Pitt's devilish good looks. The flame that some press outlets insist was ignited on set would have only been fanned by the red hot scenes the two had to film together for the movie. But, it remains to be seen if, in fact, the two went method.

You can hardly blame people for speculating about Marion and Pitt's professionalism because just looking at a kiss like this is enough to make some folks think they are doing the dirty. When you're as good at acting as these two, sometimes the boundaries blur between fantasy and reality in a way that might be a bit too convincing.

Is Marion The French Angelina?

Looking at these pictures you can see a striking similarity between the two women. However, Angelina arguably exudes raw sex-appeal whereas Marion displays a real sense of Parisian elegance.

You can't blame Brad for getting the two mixed up as they look almost identical. Due to the fact the trailer has been released in the middle of the Ange and Brad shit-storm, it's easy to see how people are speculating and have begun drawing comparisons between the two women.

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4. "Being Good At This Kind Of Work Is Not Very Beautiful"

The line, beautifully spoken in Marion's French accent, speak volumes in regards to current affairs. We all remember the scandal that surrounded Brad and Angelina during the filming of Mr And Mrs Smith, due to rumors of their alleged affair and the disintegration of Aniston and Pitt's marriage. In this case, it seems history has repeated itself, but now Marion stands in the firing line.

Marion and Brad might create wonderful work together, but the timing of the project and the relentless gossip mill mean that being good at their work really hasn't had a beautiful outcome.

If Marion really has fallen deep into the Brad pit then the release of this trailer at the same time the Brangelina divorce was announced was truly thoughtless. I imagine it's a very difficult time for the Jolie-Pitts and third parties being added to the situation won't help. Although, here's a little bit of advice for Marion, if Brad comes home with a spy script tell him he's forbidden from working on it.

Do you think the trailer speaks volumes on Brad's alleged infidelity?


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