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There's a reason The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on TV. Sure, it turned into Little House On The Prairie with Zombies during its second season, but there's still an intense kill or conversation around every undead corner. We're talking zombies getting ripped in half, people we care about being shot at point blank range, and occasionally a breath of romantic fresh air.

To celebrate this fact, here are my Top 10 Awesome Scenes from The Walking Dead. I can tell you one thing for certain: None of them feature Beth singing.

10. 'Doing Shots At The Bar' - Season 2, Episode 8: "Nebraska"

While Hershel wandering off to his local watering hole to drown his sorrows during the zombie apocalypse was a bit contrived, the eventual bar shootout scene was one of the best of Season 2. It marked the moment that walkers ceased to be the main concern, and suddenly other humans were the one's to watch out for. Plus, it was the first time Rick broke his "We don't kill the living" rule. And now he's been doing it ever since.

9. 'Rick vs Shane: The Bro Throwdown' - Season 2, Episode 10: "18 Miles Out"

Rick and Shane were at each other's throats throughout Season 2. This was mostly because Shane still wanted to be at Lori's throat, if you know what I mean. The tension finally broke when the two heavyweight zombie killers duked it out in the best fighting location of all -- an abandoned parking lot. Each cathartic punch keeps us coming back.

8. 'The Dixon Bros Go Loco' - Season 3, Episode 10: "Home"

It didn't take long for Daryl and his trusty crossbow to become the two most popular characters on The Walking Dead. I haven't counted, but I'm pretty sure the pair of them have racked the most zombie kills of all. Daryl finally got his own extended spot in the limelight by clearing out an entire bridge of ghouls, while simultaneously saving an entire family, including a baby, and overcoming his brother's influence. All in a days work for Daryl Dixon.

7. 'Knife To Meet You' - Season 3, Episode 2: "Sick"

When Rick met the inmates, he really wasn't in the mood to mess around. I thought Tomas and his gang were going to become a long-running thorn in Rick's side, but no, he quickly dealt with the situation by applying a machete to the ringleader's head. Tomas ended up with more than a splitting migraine and Rick gained +10 Badass Points.

6. 'Tanks For The Help, Glenn' - Season 1, Episode 1/2: "Days Gone By/Guts"

I'm cheating a little bit here because this is actually the closing and opening scenes of two different episodes. But come on, I've got to include both. Not only does Rick get his first real baptism of zombie teeth, but we also meet Glenn, my personal favorite when it comes to Walking Dead characters.

5. 'Carl Should Be The One Apologizing' - Season 2, Episode 11: "Judge, Jury, Executioner"

Daryl may have pulled the trigger, but we all know who really killed Dale (Spoiler alert: Carl). He spent the entirety of Season 2 wandering off, and finally it got someone killed. Carl survived, but poor old kindly Dale had to pay for his stupidity. Nice one, Carl.

4. 'Axel Greased' - Season 3, Episode 10: "Home"

"Home" turned out to be an action packed episode, but it also showed The Walking Dead wasn't afraid to kill off characters, albeit the most insignificant ones. Just as we were getting to know Axel, the Governor unceremoniously shots him in the noggin. This scene's awesomeness is further improved when we get to see firing an assault rifle one handed. You can tell he's absolutely loving that. You are witnessing the pinnacle of a career right there.

3. 'A Real Barnstorming Scene' - Season 2, Episode 7: "Pretty Much Dead Already"

The barn scene will certainly stand out as one of the defining scenes of The Walking Dead. After searching for Sophia for the entire second season, it turns out she was in Hershel's barn all along. Despite rendering everything they had done to find her pointless, the scene also showed The Walking Dead doesn't shy away from some zombie child killing. Oh, when will it be Carl's turn?

2. 'Zombie Killing Is A Riot' - Season 2, Episode 1: "Seed"

After a slow second season, it was great to see The Walking Dead kick off again with an action scene packed full of guns, headshots, and riot cop zombies. It showed that over the winter Rick's gang had become an accurate, well oiled killing machine. Plus, it featured The Walking Dead's most adorable kill courtesy of Maggie.

1. 'Wait? Is He Being Sarcastic?' - Season 3, Episode 4 "Killer Within"

This scene should be an emotionally charged heart-wrencher after the death of Lori. Unfortunately, when I watched I couldn't help laughing out loud. Rick's delivery of 'Ohhh noooo!' just sounds so incredibly patronizing and sarcastic to Carl. It reminded me of when I dropped my ice cream as a kid and my parents said the same thing in the most condescending way possible. Hilarity and personal experience aside, this is actually a pretty pivotal scene, it marks the moment the final remnants of Rick's sanity go on vacation.

Super Special Bonus Scene 'Glenn Makes Geeks Happy' - Season 2, Episode 7: "Pretty Much Dead Already"

I just realized all my scenes involved someone being brutally injured and/or gratuitous violence. So, just to prove I am a well adjusted human being, here's one which features a video game reference. Glenn announces to Maggie that he's approaching the zombie apocalypse like it was Portal. Personally, I think he'd do better to approach it as if it was Left 4 Dead.

Did your favorite scene make it on to my list? Do you think a different scene should have made it to number 1? Let me know all about it!


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