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Fast & Furious 6 is firing with all cylinders and speeding towards its release tomorrow. Months of agonizing waiting and petrol-fueled excitement will soon come to end in a no-doubt explosive and brilliantly exaggerated fashion.

From the looks of the latest trailers, Fast 6 will not be making many nods to reality. Cars crashing out the front of planes, tanks on highways and people consistly flying out of vehicles: Fast 6 will have it all, and it's never looked better.

To celebrate this fact, we have collected our Top 5 incredibly outrageous, unrealistic, and just all round reality busting action scenes. Check them out below:

5. Michael Bay derails reality - The Rock


Any list of outrageous action scenes just NEEDS to feature . His movies are basically one long advertisement for the Hollywood pyrotechnics industry. Here is one of his most crazy explosions. In the 1996 action film The Rock, Bay shunts a commuter filled cable car off its tracks and then sends it cascading into a car. After nudging the car ever so slightly, the tram inexplicably explodes in a splendidly ridiculous fashion.

4. Tanks for the memories - The A-Team


The A-Team was filled to the brim with incredibly exaggerated action set pieces, but none of them match the sheer insane brilliance of the A-Team flying a plummeting tank. Want to know the craziest thing of all? According to The Escapist, it was entirely physically possible (sort of).


3. Rambo horses around - Rambo III


No list of outrageous action scenes would be complete without something from everyone's favorite machine-gun toting, bandana wearing psychopath. Armed only with a molotov cocktail and a horse, Rambo manages to capture a tank, and then use it to play chicken with a Russian helicopter gunship. Yes, it's stupid. Yes, it's unrealistic. Yes, it's awesome.


2. That was just plane silly - Live Free or Die Hard


The fourth installment of Die Hard marked the moment John McClane really jumped the shark. Or should I say he jumped from the crashing semi, landed on a F-35, surfed it for a bit, then leaped 30ft before sliding down a collapsing freeway. He's certainly come a long way from dispatching German terrorists in his bare feet.


1. Arnie goes Commando - Commando


Of course, our top spot just had to feature the one and only . Here he is in a lengthy scene in which he massacres an entire army of mustachioed bad guys with the aid of a FOUR barreled rocket launcher and guns with seemingly inexhaustible amounts of ammunition. To finish it all off he gets into a knife fight with guy who looks like a 1980s fetish porn star. Great stuff. Take it away, Arnie!


So there you have it, our 5 top ridiculous actions scenes. Do you have any more in mind? Remind us about them below!

To see even more crazy action, make sure to catch Fast & Furious 6 in theaters from May 24


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