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American Horror Story scribe is joining forces with Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum to remake 1976 horror movie The Town That Dreaded Sundown. According to THR, Murphy and Blum will produce the project, with up-and-coming director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon in negotiations to helm the movie.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown is cult-classic that was based on the real-life murders of five people that took place in Texarkana between February and May 1946. The killer, who wore a sack over his head, was dubbed the Phantom Killer and get this...he was never caught (cue dramatic horror music). Like the original, MGM is also the studio behind this low-budget remake, which will have a similar tone to David Fincher's Zodiak, also based on an unresolved murder spree.

The original movie was only seen by about 16 people (perhaps a slight exaggeration), but with the chilling source material, the horror credentials of the guys involved, and the fact that the murders remain an unsolved mystery, The Town That Dreaded Sundown could well be worth checking out.

To get updates, casting news, and latest developments, all you need to do is [[follow]] the movie. It's as easy as getting away with murder.

Were you one of the 16 people that saw the original movie? Are you stoked to see it get a remake? Drop a comment below.


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