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Tino Jochimsen

What a shame!

According to Variety, director , who directed part two and three of the Bourne franchise and soon will probably have a big hit on his hands with Captain Phillips, has exited The Trial of the Chicago 7.

The courtroom drama would depict the trial that followed the violent 1968 clash between demonstrators and the police outside the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Greengrass left the project due to a budget dispute with DreamWorks. The distributor was willing to invest up to $30 million in the project. The filmmaker asked for something around $40 million and that was that.

DreamWorks is now searching for a new director for the (The Newsroom)- scripted (read: wordy) movie.

Here's why this development is a bit sad: As you might know, Greengrass made the political drama Bloody Sunday in 2002. The movie portrayed the Irish civil rights protest march on January 30, 1972 and the subsequent massacre by British troops.


It's a truly stirring film and thematically obviously not far away from The Trial Of The Chicago 7. I am sure the director would have hit it out of the park.

A shame that Greengrass won't make The Trial Of The Chicago 7, don't you think?


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