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In Episode 10 of Season 1, "Close Rickounters Of The Rick Kind," we were introduced to Evil Morty. The episode followed Rick and Morty as they are captured by the most evil Rick of all time. At the end of the episode it is revealed that this is actually a robot Rick being controlled by a hyper-intelligent Morty. This Morty seemingly disappeared from the show, until now!

In this article, I will explain a theory on the true origin of Evil Morty and what happened to C-137 Morty as Evil Morty rises to power at the Citadel of Ricks. Keep reading to see how this all works out.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Rick and Morty S3 E7 "The Ricklantis Mixup" and potential spoilers for the ongoing show.

End-Credit scene to "The Ricklantis Mixup" in 'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
End-Credit scene to "The Ricklantis Mixup" in 'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Twist Explained

'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

In "The Ricklantis Mixup," we see a rise to power and become the elected president of the Citadel of Ricks (shown above). Throughout the episode, however, a subplot follows Campaign Manager Morty as he is given valuable information about the new President Morty by Detective Rick Valentine. President Morty then has Campaign Manager Morty thrown out into space. In the closing scene of the episode, as Evil Morty's theme plays and President Morty has all but two of the Council of Ricks killed, we see what the photos given to Campaign Manager Morty show. They show that President Morty is, in fact, the very same Evil Morty we met in "Close Rickounters of the Rick Kind."

The episode leaves Evil Morty in charge of the Citadel of Ricks and therefore in the most powerful position in the universe — seeing as he is now in control of an infinite number of the most intelligent person in the universe. It would also seem that Evil Morty is being set up to become a multi-episode villain that C-137 Rick will take on as an ongoing enemy. One thing that has been left out so far, though, is Evil Morty's true origin.

That's why we are here today.

Baby Morty!?

When, in "Close Rickounters Of The Rick Kind," Evil Rick (truly Evil Morty) is sifting through C-137 Rick's memories, we see a baby Morty. This seems normal, but this actually causes a discrepancy in the confirmed timeline. We also see more images in "Get Schwifty" of Rick with a baby Morty.

When the show picks up in Season 1, Rick is returning to the family from a 20-year absence. If Morty is only 14 years old, Rick cannot have been there when Morty was growing up. This suggests that Rick was with a different Morty for some of those 20 years and loved that Morty much more than his current Morty (so much that the memories bring tears to his eyes).

To add to this, Rick is told many times that caring too much for a Morty only results in trouble and creates a 'cocky Morty.' This may be what happened to Rick's original Morty before he fulfills his potential as an evil genius and parts ways with Rick. Following this, Rick will have simply replaced a Rick that died in an alternate universe and continued living the life of this Rick.

'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The Voucher For A Free Replacement Morty

The idea of swapping Mortys may seem unusual. We do, however, in "Close Rickounters of the Rick Kind," see Rick offered a voucher for a free "replacement Morty." This introduces the idea of switching Mortys if one dies or disappears. At first, this seems like a small and fun but as this idea is expanded on in Season 3, it would seem that the swapping of Mortys is commonplace.

Also throughout the episode, Rick says a couple of suspicious things. He says that he is the "Rickest Rick" and therefore his Morty must be the "Mortiest Morty." He also says that a cocky Morty can lead to problems and that can be a "real bad thing for everybody."

First off, Rick never says that the main Morty is the Mortiest Morty but only that his Morty (C-137 Morty) is the Mortiest. Secondly, when Rick says that a cocky Morty can lead to problems, he looks as if he is talking from experience. This means that in the past a Morty has become cocky and caused a lot of problems.

The Theory

'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

So, the final theory consists of 9 steps (in chronological order):

1. In the universe where the 1st episode of the show takes place (let's call it Ep-01 Universe), in some time between 1993 and 1995, Ep-01 Rick leaves his family and Morty to presumably go on adventures (and probably die).

2. C-137 Rick loves and looks after C-137 Morty as he grows up. This causes C-137 Morty to become confident and 'cocky,' in turn allowing him to fulfill his evil super-genius potential (he is, after all, related to the most intelligent being in the universe).

3. As C-137 Morty becomes more and more evil and turns into Evil Morty, C-137 Rick and Morty leave the family and part ways.

4. C-137 Rick, grieved by the loss of his beloved Morty, leaves C-137 Universe and enters Ep-01 Universe. He acts as Ep-01 Rick and comes back to father Ep-01 Morty in a cold and emotionless fashion (in an attempt to avoid creating another Evil Morty) and replace the presumably deceased Ep-01 Rick.

5. The events of "Rick Potion #9" take place. Rick destroys Ep-01 Universe, "cronenberging" everyone in it. The Ep-01 family is left to fend for themselves and C-137 Rick and Ep-01 Morty leave to a non-cronenberged universe (let's call this one Ep-06) as Ep-06 Rick and Morty die simultaneously.

'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Rick and Morty' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

6. Sometime between episodes 1 and 9, C-137 (Evil) Morty creates Robot Rick as a cover story and a Morty-shield to mask his intelligence. He gets an eye patch through which he controls Robot Rick. Soon after, the events of "Close Rickounters of the Rick Kind" take place.

7. In Season 3 Episode 1, C-137 Rick, after being captured at the end of Season 2, destroys the Citadel of Ricks and takes down the intergalactic empire. Meanwhile, Evil Morty travels to the Citadel and Ep-01 Morty goes on the above adventure with Ep-06 Summer.

8. The events of "The Ricklantis Mixup" take place and Evil (C-137) Morty rises to power and becomes the president of the Citadel.

What did you think of this theory? Be sure to meet me in the comments sections with any of your thoughts!


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