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"Don’t think it, don’t say it. Don’t think it, don’t say it."

Those are the things that the most recent trailer for STX's Entertainment's upcoming horror flick The Bye Bye Man urge you not to do. Yet, as expected (and as always with human nature) it makes us want to do the complete opposite...

Based on a true story, The Bye Bye Man will be appearing in cinemas in January 2017 to bring a nightmarish tale of three college students to life. Here's the synopsis:

"Set in 1990s Wisconsin, the film follows three college students who move into an old, off-campus house, where they find themselves preyed on by a malevolent supernatural entity called 'The Bye Bye Man.' They must find a way to save themselves while keeping the whole thing secret to protect anyone else from becoming the entity’s next victim. And upon first glance, while the premise of the story may seem similar to same-old storylines covered by other horror flicks, rest assured that this one definitely breaks the boundaries of the conventional genre."

As well as just being downright terrifying to look at, The Bye Bye Man is also considered responsible for countless possessions, causing people to embark on killing sprees all over the country. However, his most frightening feature is that in the real world, he might be just lurking around the corner from us at any time.

Learning his name makes you vulnerable, and thinking about him swiftly draws him in — if you're brave enough to think it and say it, watch the trailer below:

Have you been reduced to a shaking wreck after watching that trailer? If you don't suffer from an obsessive compulsive disorder where you can't stop thinking about a certain thing, read on. Below, we dissect just how real the "true story" of The Bye Bye Man really is...

The Bye Bye Man: And Other Strange-but-True Tales

The blood-curling true story of The Bye Bye Man was first introduced into the mainstream by historian Robert Damon Schneck in a chapter called "The Bridge to Body Island" as part of The Bye Bye Man: And Other Strange-but-True Tales. The story recalls the real experiences of some of his acquaintances in Wisconsin, who collided with a menacing supernatural being after playing around with an Ouija board.

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As such, Schneck made it his mission to burrow into their most elusive and bizarre accounts, outlining the various, unexplained events that occurred to them. All alongside a study of such effects on the human psyche.

What Makes A Horror Story 'True?'

More and more, the boundaries of of what is deemed actually "true" is being discussed and widened in books, movies and personal recollections. While we cannot say whether The Bye Bye Man was actually a physical entity (really, only the people that have encountered him can confirm), there's no denying that the terrifying figure could still be a true, and very real, haunting presence. In the blurb about The Bye Bye Man: And Other Strange-but-True Tales, Schneck describes the supernatural entity as such:

"He might turn up outside your bedroom door, speaking in the voice of a trusted friend, someone who would never hurt you… Learning his name makes you vulnerable, but thinking about it draws the Bye Bye Man to you."

The Bye Bye Man Is A True Manifestation Of Our Anxieties

Essentially, whether or not you believe that Schneck's friends really saw The Bye Bye Man, this is an entity that can also be described as a manifestation of the fears lurking within the inner workings of our minds. As such, The Bye Bye Man is a very real metaphor for the anxieties within ourselves and our society — the more you focus on them (or him), they more they evolve into something real and frightening. This is a villain that gets stronger the more you obsess over him and once he's in your head, he overtakes your being completely.

Whether or not he truly exists or not, The Bye Bye Man ultimately builds on the psychological turmoil present in our society. And that in itself, is a very frightening thing indeed...

Will you be going to see The Bye Bye Man?


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