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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

This is the sort of post both Twihards and TwiTards will love.

Check out 'The Twilight Zone', a brand-spanking new collection of portraits of the three main Twilight stars - , and - by artist Casey Weldon. It opened May 20th at Gallery 88 on Melrose Avenue in L.A and I'm personally sad that I was so late to this. They are rather chucklesome.

Why? They aren't just the three swoon-worthy stars doing their brooding thang, but Weldon has superimposed snouts onto all 3. Yes, those 3 aesthetically-pleasing A-listers can do Dior ads, shoot the cover of Vanity Fair or arguably have the worlds most famous six-pack, but with a snout - you're as ugly as the rest of us!

So TwiHArds with a sense of humor, able to self-deprecate their heroes, will enjoy this. As will all the TwiTards around the world, who will love how these characters have been made into pigs and can derisively make as many oink noises as they so wish. Check out the two of Stewart and Lautner below:

How does everyone feel about the transformation of the 3 stars into pigs? Also, in hindsight, are we missing the Twilight franchise?


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