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has a new role starring in a real life remake of Fatal Atttraction. Maybe it's not at that level yet, but after reports of having sex seven times a day to Kristen being terrified Rob will leave her, this is one up-and-down relationship that needs to hightail it to a very special episode of Maury. Seriously, it'll solve all of their problems (and issues with paternity, if secretly needed). As it stands, Kristen is reportedly terrified that a split with Rob will leave her feeling very alone. Here are some choice quotes from a "source" in this very serious and special report:

“Even before he left to film in Australia, Rob told Kristen that he wanted them to spend the time apart,” an insider told InTouch Weekly, “He felt like they needed space.”


"When they met, she was a loner," the source explained."If they broke up, she would be very, very alone."

I guess I knew was in Australia filming his new movie with meth face. But whether it was to get away from Stewart, that's a mystery greater than any X-Files episode I've ever seen.

As you can see in the picture above, Kristen also wanders the hallway of broken dreams (her life) carrying Rob's long lost coat. At night, she smells the pheromones and longs for happier days and when they were able to have sex seven times a day.


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