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Sophie Atkinson

Spoiler alert:Click away if spoilers aren't your thing.

Vampiric sex idols and recently opened up about the upcoming Vampire Diaries Season 5. There's twice the fun as the two thesps did separate interviews. Both interviews are fairly lengthy, but well worth your time.

It's lucky Paul Wesley's a pretty face, 'cause he spends his entire interview, masticating furiously on some gum, which seems a little obnoxious. Not to worry, he makes up for it by with some awesomewickedcool jokes about Stefan hitting Bed Bath & Beyond to decorate the safe he's trapped in.

Interestingly, when the interviewer asks Ian Somerhalder what he thinks Damon and Elena's biggest problem is, he responds:

'Maybe that she's 18 and he's 172, maybe?' Suuure, Damon. Or that he's 34 and she's 24...who said that?!

Elsewhere in the interview, Somerhalder's getting awfully self-confident about becoming a power player on the world stage – the Ian Somerhalder foundation(which tackles green issues and animal cruelty) has meant he's been nominated for Conde Nast Visionary Award. The award is usually given to people who make a significant impact on the world – last year Hilary Clinton and Richard Branson both won awards. Congratulations Ian!

Check out all this, plus tons of Vampire Diaries gossip in the videos below:




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